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  • 100% Alkaline mineral powder
  • 100% Natural, no fillers, flowing agents or preservatives
  • 100% Vegan


pH Plus Capsules (Alkaline powder)

Most food and water we regularly consume in day to day life can promote excess acidity, which is extremely damaging to the trillions of cells within our bodies. Ultimately, damaged cells lead to calcium loss and sub-optimal cell health, function, and longevity.

If you aren’t entirely sure whether you need to alkalise, you can check your pH balance with the pH Test Strips for a quick and accurate result.  Improved pH levels reduce the excretion of calcium, and can help lower sodium levels.

pH Plus capsules are 100% natural Alkaline mineral powder 

This is because the minerals in it are naturally mined alkaline mineral powder, not made in a lab like most other forms.  – in other words, it is bioavailable.

Don’t forget to check your pH balance with pH Test Strips if you are unsure what your levels are. 

Acidosis is a real everyday challenge for everyone, whilst we are not allowed by law to tell you the benefits of Alkalizing, we can tell you the effects of Acidity.

All food groups burn into acidic, alkaline or neutral ash, there is no other variable for the range. Your body creates this balance by rinsing your blood through your bone marrow and collecting the alkaline minerals it needs to keep the bloodstream slightly alkaline at 7.35 pH.

The modern diet is predominantly acidic:

  • Grains.
  • Sugar.
  • Certain dairy products.
  • Fish.
  • Processed foods.
  • Fresh meats and processed meats, such as corned beef and turkey.
  • Sodas and other sweetened beverages.
  • High-protein foods and supplements.

So you’re probably thinking the same thing I did when I use chemistry to change my body’s symptoms, what food is left to eat!

Well its a balancing act, you can eat acidic foods and beverages as long as you know how to balance the scales. At first, it’s difficult as anything new is but soon it will be as natural as driving a car.

To help you with the transition we developed pH Plus, its 100% alkaline mineral powder.


Per pH Plus container for alkaline mineral powder: 120 caps

Ingredients alkaline mineral powder:

Amount per capsule 500mg

Calcium-carbonate 350mg

Magnesium-carbonate 150mg

Other Ingredients:

Vegetable capsules





73 reviews for Buy pH Plus capsules (alkaline powder) UK

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ph Plus capsules keep my skin hydrated. I had a facial some time ago and the beautician tested my pH levels. She was surprised at how good my pH level was.
    Also, keeping my body in an alkaline state wards off disease. I am 78 yrs of age and I’m not on any medication , nothing!

  2. Mrs Rachel Bates (verified owner)

    This is one of the best supplements I have found for the alkaline acid balance. I can highly recommend this for anyone suffering with candida problems.

  3. Zoe B. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these supplements
    Great quick service too

  4. meira500 (store manager)

    Very quick efficient service.

  5. John Britten (verified owner)

    I enjoy taking ph plus capsules because they Help me with my Candida and my energy levels

  6. Zoe (verified owner)

    Great service and the Ph plus and helping with the acidity, thank you

  7. Susan Harwood (verified owner)

    Excellent delivery service these tablets have really helped me and I would recommend them to anyone with acidic health problems

  8. Vivian C. (verified owner)

    Excellent produce. Prompt delivery

  9. Eileen Clarke (verified owner)

    excellent product

  10. Lynn M. (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    fantastic quick free shipping

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    excellent service

  13. Martha Harrington (verified owner)

    Customer service excellent . I have to wait and see if the product is working

  14. Astrid D.

    Good product it works well.

  15. Margaret C.

    I bought these to kick start a more Alkaline diet. Within 5 days I could see the difference & continue to do so. Excellent product!

  16. Dan P.

    I think your product is great
    Dan Petersen

  17. Dorrel F.

    I find this product very good at keeping my PH on track

  18. Barbara J.


  19. Tina W.

    Your product is good – would have given 5 stars if you had responded to my email enquiry

  20. Helen

    Efficient helpful service with products that really work

  21. James W.

    As always easy to use website full of info on each product quick dispatch great health products , will continue to buy from ph health they have my full confidence

  22. Eileen C. (verified owner)

    So far so good – will let you know when I have used a bit longer.

  23. Mrs a. (verified owner)

    I have taken these for two weeks and they are good at controlling my pH levels which have varied between 6.0 and 8.0, which I understand are all acceptable. I don’t feel any discernible change in my digestive health.

  24. Vivian C. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Competitively priced and prompt delivery

  25. Kirsteen M.

    Prompt delivery. Although just started using them I do feel an improvement .

  26. Iain M.

    Have been taking these for around a month now and whilst I havent seen as big an improvement as some other reviewers, its definitely improved my Ph levels. Already on my second bottle and would recommend giving them a try.

  27. Irene G.

    Leaving Greenwich I am fortunate to drink the tap water which is 7. I also drink M&S bottle water which is 7.4. I am so pleased to take the Ph Plus tablets also which does help to increasxe the Ph in the water I am drinking and I have both my Daughters on them even more as there water PH in Warwickshire is not as good as Greenwich. It is imortant to look into your PH as it is going to maintain a healthy body..

  28. L b.

    Third time buying these and will continue to, great product.

  29. Sarah H.

    Early days but seem to be working!

  30. Lesley K.

    Completely satisfied.

  31. Raymond H.

    Not recieved yet

  32. Colin O.

    I seem to have developed more of an inner calm, reflected in better skin and hair quality; skin lesions/scratches heal mush quicker; and yesterday I played the best golf I’ve played in years (just saying’ ..!!)

  33. Michael S.

    Good service. Arrived as said on time. Only recently purchased so cannot yet comment on results

  34. Barbara W.

    Great product and prompt delivery.

  35. Renee F.

    Good service, prompt delivery. I have found the Holy Basil Supplement to be of fine quality & superior to more expensive brands I have used. Recommend.

  36. Vivian C. (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Prompt delivery and great product.

  37. Leyla C.

    Thank you

  38. Ertan K.


  39. Aisling D.

    Great service & products

  40. John K.

    Great product & perfect service

  41. Mark M.

    Great value and quick delivery. Thanks V much.

  42. James W.

    Been taking a few months now & definatly feeling more energised & more at peace with my inner body, anyone looking to improve there health I recommend taking this great product

  43. Ufuk A.

    Excellent service! Great product!

  44. James W.

    I’ve started taking ph plus capsules in the last 4-5 weeks & im starting to feel a very positive effect & will continue taking them in the long term – thanks ph health

  45. Stephen B.


    Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) established the germ theory of infection during the 1880s. At about the same time also in France, Claude Barnard (1813-78), the father of modern physiology, introduced the rival ‘milieu intÃ:copyright:rieurâ€:tm: (biological terrain) theory of infection. He proposed that the biological terrain is of greater importance than contact or airborne infection. Pasteur eventually conceded to Barnard, with the remark, “La bactÃ:copyright:rie n’est rien. C’est le terrain qui fait tout!” (Germs are of no significance. It Is the biological terrain that Is important!). Antoine BÃ:copyright:champ (1816-1908) was the first scientist to prove the biological terrain theory of infection in a laboratory. He studied sterile living red blood corpuscles on a slide under a microscope and observed that acidifying the preparation caused spontaneous development of pathogenic microbes: harmless microbes were seen to change into pathogenic ones as the blood preparations were acidified. BÃ:copyright:champâ€:tm:s finding was subsequently confirmed with dark ground microscopy. When live blood is examined under a high-powered microscope, pathogenic microforms are observed in blood preparations of unhealthy people, particularly in cancer sufferers. Alkalizing the subjects causes subsequent blood samples to appear healthy without the pathogenic microforms. This research provided a scientific for alkalizing the biological terrain in the treatment of chronic illness. While the concept of alkalizing is well known to many complementary practitioners, it is mostly overlooked in orthodox medicine.

    Drinking insufficient water and unhealthy eating cause a buildup of toxic waste products and acidify the body. The bodyâ€:tm:s acid/base balance can be checked with pH sticks. A first morning urine pH of below 6.5 is too acidic and is an indication to start an alkalizing diet and possibly to commence alkalizing supplements. The aim is to raise the first morning urine pH to above 7. Dietary changes include drinking about 1.5 litres of bottled or filtered water daily, cutting down on acid forming foods and going on an alkalizing diet.

    Acid forming foods to be avoided include meat, wheat, oats, rice, dairy products, sugar, coffee, potatoes and alcoholic drinks. Once the pH is under reasonable control wholemeal and gluten free bread and modest portions of organic chicken and organic lamb can be introduced into the diet.

    An alkalizing diet includes organic and fresh food with plenty of fruit, salads and raw and lightly cooked vegetables. Quinoa, lentils, chickpeas and dried beans are fine. Sweet potato is an alternative to potato. Coconut and almond drinks are alternatives to milk. Eggs (provided they are well-tolerated) should be organic.

    Individual food sensitivities can be checked with vegatesting.

    Selected alkalizing and green super food supplements may be prescribed at this clinic when indicated.
    Dr. Stephen Bourne MB

  46. Maureen M.

    Excellent product, changed my pH from 6 to 7 in a week. Much happier. My pH had been 6 for a while and was starting to experiencing arthritic problems.

  47. Zoe B. (verified owner)

    package arrived quickly with no issues. too soon to really tell any changes in my health but I’m hopeful

  48. Simon H.

    Good product

  49. M h.

    Update to 13.05.15
    Shortly after the May review my Asthma became much, much worse. In fact, much worse. I have to be honest, I sometimes doubled up on dosage morning and night, comforted by the knowledge the capsules were a natural product and thought, perhaps, this was the reason for such an extreme response. Even living with my recent diagnosis of chronic asthma (shortness of breath carrying a shopping bag, walking up the stairs at home, laughing too long, etc), I was not prepared for how sick I then became. For about one month. My three inhalers stopped being effective and I thought perhaps Iâ€:tm:d made a big mistake with the capsules because I was bad but not his bad. Iâ€:tm:m a tutor in mid-prep for the 11+ exam in September and I could not take time off. My daily movement/activity slowed right down; a constant phlegmy smokerâ€:tm:s cough with phlegm easing its way up my throat throughout the day; wheezing now audible to strangers standing next to me (to my extreme embarrassment); could not carry weight of any kind; lots of toilet runs. My students understood. My husband did not.
    Now. I cannot explain when it happened. I woke one morning and took my usual shallow breath. No sound. I took another. No rattle. I took a deep breath. Nothing. When I coughed, still phlegmy … but my breathing was clear. Completely unobstructed. It came from below my ribs, not my chest. This is how I can say that, on reflection, a must have come through a Herxheimer reaction. I have nothing to compare this experience to except via knowledge I have acquired along the way as it relates to the removal of toxins in the body. I have now read a great deal on the effects of magnesium on troubled lungs. Itâ€:tm:s astonishing. I donâ€:tm:t understand how I missed the serious benefits of taking magnesium to combat or ease asthma symptoms.
    I have recently bought my second bottle from pH Health. This time I have been following the dosage. It is Sat 22Aug15 – a balmy 85⁰F. Since July there have been weeks when I have not used an inhaler. At all. I have gone from taking a puff from each within an hour to once a day when Kent has become unseasonably humid. I donâ€:tm:t understand it. Iâ€:tm:m not an expert. I continue to feel strong and breathe deeply. I continue to educate myself.

  50. Audrey C.

    Item arrived really quickly, feel great for taking it!

  51. Vivian C. (verified owner)

    Speedy service.

  52. Sheila W. (verified owner)

    Speedy order completion. Good product. Does what you expect.

  53. M h.

    Happily my package arrived within two days,as expected. The PH Plus capsules are my first foray into addressing my body’s ph balance; a step taken after a lifetime as a n asthma-sufferer (recently reviewed as chronic). Now, in my third week, I must say that I have been sleeping right through the night. Usually I wake after only a few hours sleep to a death rattle and need to use inhalers (three). And … I’ve noticed my embarrassing phlegmy cough is drier, much drier. I don’t wish to speak too soon, it’s too important, but I consider this progress and I intend to continue with these capsules. I’ll update in another three weeks.

  54. Sadie V.

    I love these capsules they really make me feel
    Alert and I notice when I dont take them

  55. Ade A.


  56. John W.

    This product should be in every house. This is my opinion.

  57. Shirley F.

    These capsules are very powerful, if I forget to take them my Ph level can go down to 6.5 as soon as I take them my Ph goes up to 7.5. I will definitely keep buying this product

  58. Anna G.

    I have recently bought PH Plus Capsules to improve my alcalinity. It’s too soon to review their effect. However, I can already say that the product was shipped and arrived very quickly and ell packaged. Excellent servie . Recommended !

  59. Shirley F.

    Ever since taking pH Plus my ph levels are always spot on and would recommend to anyone that needs to alcalise their body

  60. Kathleen K.

    Excellent service. It seems to take a while for the tablets to take effect, but I’m certainly motivated to keep going!

  61. Shirley F.

    I received this very quickly and I’m finding it gives me energy and would recommend it to anyone

  62. Vivian C.

    This product arrived promptly and was well packed. I have been using ph+ for a number of years and am very happy with the results.

  63. Reginald H.

    fast efficient delivery-used several times now-always efficient notifications.

  64. Katharine R.

    I bought these to use as part of a wider detox programme. So far in just over a week I have seen an improvement of pH 5 to pH6.5 which is surely due in part to taking these tablets. Still some way to go to see Alkaline, but I am very happy with the progress so far..

  65. Sadie W.

    Very good delivery and products

  66. David P.

    I’m asked to fill out a review every time I buy something to get a 15% discount next time I buy but the discount never materialises

  67. Richard S.

    It is a good quality product, but unfortunately quite expensive.

  68. David P.

    Very quick delivery

  69. Sadie W.

    Excellent product, just what the body needs.

  70. Reginald H.

    fast efficient delivery of the product i need. the tablets definately increased my ph as tested by the ph strips i purchaced earleir. very satisfied

  71. Mrs W.

    Very quick efficient service. I find the pH indicator strips complement the pH plus capsules by allowing you to find your body’s pH before you start taking the capsules.

    The website is very informative and I am very pleased with my purchase. Information on the web site led me to do further research and as a result I am more aware of my dietary needs regarding alkaline balance.

  72. Jenny D.

    Excellent service, great product. Many thanks.

  73. Drake Lopez

    Gives me energy, just don’t take them before you try and sleep!

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