Why was MediMush was chosen as an Award-Winning Brand?

After an intense process of reviewing three aspects of MediMush, our service, product and branding we were awarded the 2018 Asian brand award.

Our aim is to provide a Cordyceps supplement that gives our customers the boost in health they deserve. The owner Dusisa Masawat came from a medical background and specialises in cell therapy.

Along Dusidas journey she discovered how powerful and essential each cell is in the overall function of each organ.

Cordyceps boosts the cells ability to make energy there for raising the overall function of that organ. This is why cordyceps increases power.

Medimush prides its self in customer care and offers the best delivery service knowing the importance of building trust with our customers.



Our Cordyceps product is manufactured to the highest standard:

  • FDA Approved Formula
  • GMP certified manufacturing process