Understanding Candida Cell Wall Suppressor

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CCWS Candida Cleanser, a potent chitinase, is a powerful remedy for those struggling with Candida overgrowth.

Understanding Candida Cell Wall Suppressor is crucial for anyone seeking an effective treatment protocol for this stubborn fungal infection.


Understanding Candida-Cell-Wall-Suppressor

What is Candida Cell Wall Suppressor, a chitinase?

Candida Cell Wall Suppressor, commonly known as CCWS, is a potent candida cleanse supplement designed to target and inhibit the formation of the yeast cell wall in candida fungus. It works by exposing the vulnerable cell membrane of the fungus, making it a less effective organism in the body’s defence system.

Candida Albicans and its Impact on Health

Candida Albicans is a type of yeast that can cause candida overgrowth if not properly inhibited. This fungal overgrowth can lead to systemic candida infection, impacting the body’s immune system and altering the body’s pH balance. CCWS Candida Cleanser works to combat this overgrowth, activating the body’s immune system and boosting its defence mechanisms against the candida fungus.

How Does CCWS Candida Cleanser Work?

The CCWS Candida Cleanser treatment protocol involves inhibiting the synthesis of chitin, an enzyme key component of the fungal cell wall. This chitin synthesis inhibitor effectively treats candida infection, ultimately producing a more effective and lasting defence against the candida fungus. The treatment also works to bind heavy metals and activate the body’s natural cellular armour, making CCWS Candida Cleanser an optimum choice for those seeking a proven and efficient candida cleanse.


Benefits of CCWS Candida Cleanser

CCWS Candida Cleanser offers many benefits for those seeking to combat Candida overgrowth. Understanding the Candida Cleanse Protocol, the healing effects of CCWS Candida Cleanser, and the essential supplements for Candida treatment are crucial in realizing the full potential of this powerful remedy.

Candida Cleanse Protocol

The CCWS Candida Cleanse Protocol follows a targeted approach to inhibiting the synthesis of a chitin enzyme, a crucial component of the Candida fungal cell wall. By disrupting this process with a chitin synthesis inhibitor, the treatment effectively combats Candida overgrowth, providing a lasting defence against the fungal infection. Additionally, the protocol activates the body’s natural armour, boosting the immune system to fight against Candida and ultimately promoting a healthier and balanced internal environment.

Healing Effects of CCWS Candida Cleanser

The healing effects of CCWS Candida Cleanser are multi-faceted. By inhibiting the formation of the yeast cell wall in Candida fungus, this supplement not only treats the infection but also aids in restoring the body’s pH balance and activating the immune system. Furthermore, the treatment helps bind heavy metals, supporting overall health and well-being.

Supplements for Candida Treatment

Supplements play a pivotal role in the treatment of Candida, especially in conjunction with CCWS Candida Cleanser. These supplements aid in optimizing the body’s defense mechanisms against the Candida fungus, promoting a more effective and lasting defense. When used in combination with the CCWS Candida Cleanser, these supplements enhance the treatment’s efficacy on a cellular level, making it an optimum choice for those seeking relief from Candida overgrowth and the path for a candida free life.


Understanding Candida Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth occurs when the balance of the bacterial candida in the gut is disrupted, leading to an over-proliferation of this yeast-like fungus. This imbalance can result in various symptoms that can affect different parts of the body, ranging from digestive issues to skin problems and even mental health disturbances. It’s important to recognize and address these symptoms to effectively manage candida overgrowth and prevent it from causing further health complications such as candidiasis.

Candida Overgrowth Symptoms

Common symptoms of candida overgrowth include digestive problems like bloating, gas, and constipation, persistent fatigue, recurring yeast infections, skin issues such as eczema or psoriasis, and mental health issues like brain fog, anxiety, or depression. Understanding and identifying these symptoms is crucial in seeking appropriate treatment to address the underlying cause of candida overgrowth.

CCWS Candida Cleanser Treatment Protocol

The CCWS Candida Cleanser treatment protocol involves a targeted approach to inhibiting the synthesis of chitin, a key component of the candida cell wall. By disrupting this process, the treatment effectively combats candida overgrowth, providing a lasting defense against the fungal infection. Additionally, the protocol activates the body’s natural armor, boosting the immune system to fight against candida, ultimately promoting a healthier and balanced internal environment.

Role of CCWS Candida Cleanser in Overcoming Candida Overgrowth

CCWS Candida Cleanser plays a vital role in overcoming candida overgrowth by targeting and inhibiting the formation of the yeast cell wall in the fungus. This antifungal activity not only treats the infection but also supports the body’s defense mechanisms, making it a highly effective solution for those seeking relief from candida overgrowth.


CCWS Candida Cleanser and Treatment Protocol

CCWS Candida Cleanser is a comprehensive treatment protocol designed to combat Candida overgrowth effectively. This article will delve into the working mechanism, significance, and the use of Zeoco in CCWS Candida Cleanser to gain a better understanding of its role in addressing Candida infections.

How CCWS Candida Cleanser Works for Candida Overgrowth

CCWS Candida Cleanser operates by inhibiting the synthesis of chitin, a crucial component of the bacterial Candida cell wall. The treatment effectively combats Candida’s overgrowth by disrupting this process, providing a lasting defence against the fungal infection. Additionally, the protocol activates the body’s natural armor, boosting the immune system to fight against Candida, ultimately promoting a healthier and balanced internal environment.

Importance of CCWS Candida Cleanser in Candida Treatment

CCWS Candida Cleanser holds significant importance in the treatment of Candida overgrowth. Its antifungal activity targets and inhibits the formation of the yeast cell wall in the fungus, offering a highly effective solution for individuals seeking relief from Candida overgrowth. Moreover, the treatment supports the body’s cellular defence mechanisms, making it the essential route to a candida-free state to fight this stubborn fungal infection.

Use of Zeoco in CCWS Candida Cleanser

Zeoco, an essential fat-binding component of CCWS Candida Cleanser, complements the overall treatment protocol by providing additional support for Candida cleanse. Its unique properties aid in binding heavy metals, promoting the body’s overall well-being. The inclusion of Zeoco in CCWS Candida Cleanser further enhances its efficacy, making it an optimum choice for those combating Candida overgrowth and aiming for a candida-free body.


Be Candida Free with the Candida-Cell-Wall-Suppressor complete Candida cleanse


Here are some of the most common symptoms associated with systemic candida (otherwise known as candidiasis): 

Thrush – Sore Throat – Bloating – Gas – Constipation – Diarrhoea – Ear Ache – Migraines – Fatigue – Vaginitius – Foggy Thinking – Itching – Acne – Hyperactivity – Sinus Inflammation – Irritability – Dizziness – Low Sex Drive – athletes Foot – Chronic Pain – Muscle Weakness – Alcoholism – Asthma – Addison’s Disease – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – IBS – PMS – Depression – Anxiety Disorders – Psoriasis-Arthritis 

As well as poor health, you will notice cravings for sugar, alcohol and carbohydrate-rich foods like bread, pasta, rice, etc.


Let’s dig a little deeper into the how, when, and where of C-C-W-S.

When you have candidiasis, it means that your immune system can no longer control the growth of candida, and it has proliferated within your body. Candida fungus generates a protective cell wall called a chitin layer that acts pretty much like the wall of a fortress.

This layer may also prevent other medications from working effectively on the fungi. This candida fungus management product works specifically well to remove this protective layer; when this happens, your white blood cells will finally overcome the fungi.

This candida cleanser works better if you take it with fat-rich food (note that an exception is coconut oil, which should not be used with this product). This helps to make sure that the compound goes into your fat cells. The fat cells then release the Candida Cell Wall Suppressor slowly into your bloodstream, concentrating it. Remember, though, that it doesn’t help prevent new fungal infections from occurring again, which is why you should consider taking preventative measures.


Are there any side effects when using Candida-Cell-Wall-Suppressor Amazon?

This candida cleanser is made from a chitin synthesis inhibitor, an inert compound with natural oils and basic elements. This means that it is not broken down into another element and does not cause any reaction in your body.

Candida (Cell Wall Suppressor) is specifically designed to work only on the chitin layers of the candida fungi, making it vulnerable for the body’s immune system to detox out of the body.


There are no side effects whatsoever, and it doesn’t affect the use of other medications.

However, it’s worth noting that what some people mistake for side effects aren’t caused by the supplement. When the candida fungi begin to die off (which is a good thing), it produces toxins in the body. The candida fungi are all dead, but these dead fungi can still breed germs. In the case of candidiasis, your body may go through what is known as the Herxheimer Reaction. This happens when the toxin production is too fast for your body to handle properly.


Eventually, Your body detoxifies and eliminates the bothersome fungi, but you may feel some unpleasant sensations during this process. Some of the symptoms you may notice include those similar to flu symptoms. These include headaches, stuffy nose, and body aches and pains. You may also feel some numbness or skin irritation.

You might become constipated or suffer from diarrhoea. Some people may even experience fatigue and mental fuzziness. Nobody reacts to the die-off process the same way. But if you do experience these symptoms, it means that the candida fungi are dying.


Are you concerned you might detox too fast? 90% of our customers also bought EM-Pro, Zeoco or both, and we highly recommend these two supplements:

EM-probiotic and Zeoco. These help your body eliminate the dead candida fungus, reducing the Herxheimer reaction. See the drop-down menu above for package discounts. 

EM-PRO Probiotics

EM-PRO Probiotics

BUY Zeoco capsules UK

BUY Zeoco capsules UK


Why is Candida Cell Wall Suppressor taken in three parts?

C-C-W-S is taken in three parts because the supplement is designed to keep working in your body, even during the rest of the ten days. Since the product makes the fungus vulnerable to your immune system, your body must have sufficient time to make itself strong enough to eliminate the fungus overgrowth as effectively as possible.

If you miss a day’s supplement, don’t worry because it will not significantly impact the results. However, missing more than a day’s supplements could allow the fungus to generate its chitin layer again, rendering the product less effective.


Who should not take this candida cleanser?

This yeast infection remedy and thrush program are safe; you don’t need a doctor’s prescription. Although it contains trace amounts of iron, the levels are well below what’s considered toxic. A typical glass of water contains more iron! It’s impossible to overdose on this supplement unless you take more than 300 bottles at once! (one bottle is a full course).  It’s also not a pesticide. C-C-W-S is manufactured entirely differently, using edible natural oils.

There are some clients for whom this supplement is not recommended. Children have an immune system that is still developing. For this reason, it’s not recommended for anyone under 18. Pregnant women are also another notable exemption. Candida Cell Wall Suppressor can be taken following the instructions for everybody else.



Any product suggesting there is no ‘die-off’ is misleading you. Candida is a living organism that inhabits your gut. As with any other living organism, Candida has an instinct to survive.

However, when die-off occurs, toxins in the form of dead microbes are released into the bloodstream, leading to headaches, tiredness and flu-like symptoms in some people – but not all. You may experience ‘die-off symptoms with this powerful candida cleansebecause it works!

If you are looking for a fast, effective product, C-C-W-S will start helping your body kill Candida and alleviate your symptoms immediately. If you feel the die-off, it is a sign that this highly effective candida fungus management product is working.

What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredient is Lufenuron (chitin synthesis inhibitor). Lufenuron has many uses, like other products, such as salt. For example, you can buy road salt, bath salt, sea salt, table salt… even salt for intravenous use…

…but would you buy road salt to inject into your body? No!

The same goes for Lufenuron. Candida cell wall suppressor contains Lufenuron made for the human body; it is manufactured in a controlled environment for human consumption. This process increases the cost considerably due to the stringent testing and checks registered facilities make, resulting in a safe, quality product. Do you still have more questions about Candida or Candida Cell Wall Suppressor? Could you take a look at our FAQs?


What is CCWS?

CCWS is another premium Candida cell wall suppressor brand available on the market. Each brand is made uniquely, and while CCWS has the same ingredients, the MediMush brand can ensure your treatment is successful because we have hundreds of customer testimonies as a guarantee. Your successful candida cleanse depends on picking the right candida cleansing treatment for you as an individual. So, we suggest you cross-reference our brand alongside CCWS and other brands to make an informed decision for your peace of mind. 

To read over 200 customer reviews, click here.

Fast candida cleanses supplements.

Many herbs, like Harness Herbal Extracts, turmeric and olive leaf extract, promote candida cleansing; however, once candida surrounds itself with chitin, not even the immune system can penetrate its walls.

That’s why a powerful candida cleanse supplement is required to break those walls down. Furthermore, Candida cell wall suppressor doesn’t kill candida. Breaking the wall down allows your immune system to neutralise the candida overgrowth and flush it out of your system. By using the right candida cleanse supplement, you can reduce symptoms in a fast, safe and effective manner.

lufenuron candida treatment

The original Novartis Patent on Lufenuron:


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    don’t know yet only just completed first 5 day course start next 5 day course tommorrow

  84. Georgina F.

    I’m currently on these and that’s why I can’t rate a 5 * yet because I haven’t completed the bottle. I think that I’ve definitely seen a difference. I’m on my first 10 day break so it’s early days but I see an improvement most definitely. I would recommend these to anyone who have the symptoms of candida like me. They are worth the price. Good luck!

  85. Mary W.

    very happy with it 🙂

  86. Elizabeth G.

    Feeling a lot better having taken 2 courses, this really seems to work

  87. David W.

    It’s too early to write a review as I’ve only taken the first five days of the CCWS, and am at present on the ninth day of the first ten day break. I’ve obviously had the Candida infection a very long time, so am going through some very debilitating die off symptoms at the moment. I have complete faith in the benefits of the CCWS, and am hopeful that things will look up before long, in which case I’ll certainly write a review.

  88. Rachel B.

    Very quick delivery. After years of candida suffering this is definitely helping. Many thanks.

  89. John K.

    I think the CCWS maybe working, I’ve just taken the first 5 days of the coarse, and just coming up to 10 days before the next 5 day coarse, I really hope it works, as the candida is well established in my system after many years of miss diagnosed anti-biotics please whatch this space John Britten

  90. Esther F.

    Feeling good after the first 5 days but I am a bit constipated

  91. Henry C.

    Mycket bra produkt och snabb leverans.

  92. Lori B.

    Just in the middle of the candida cleanse protocol but it’s looking very promising. Very excited by how clear I’m feeling already can’t wait to see how I might be feeling on completion. Medimush very helpful and supportive and speedy delivery too. Thanks for your help and advice I will let you know if this product clears my long-standing candida problem.

  93. Alison M.

    I ordered this but don’t know which order to use the three products the directions are unclear

  94. Tara M.

    I’m on the second phase of five days. I do fell more energetic and had some symptoms of the die off (which is good). But I’m also following a no sugar and low carb diet to get totally rid of Candida.

  95. Susan E.

    Still in process of taking course of these supplements. So far have had some symptoms of detox however it’s still early days and will see what happens to my health problems after finishing course.

  96. Lucille R.

    So far I feel better though I don’t think I have had die off yet as I still have thrush in my mouth. I have only had the first course. I do have more energy though and my mind is clearer so I am hoping any praying that ccws clears my candida!

  97. Genevieve K.

    Great stuff!

  98. Inge E.

    Your product is amazing. In the first phase of
    the treatment I have started getting result not minding the die off effect. I will spread the news.

  99. Alan L.

    It really helped with an ingrained fungal rash under my breasts

  100. Angela M.

    Really good service. Thank you!

  101. Laura c.

    Plan to start doing the candida elimination in a weeks time as I have to rely on my husband for shopping and he is away at the moment

  102. Julie M.

    I have had bad systemic candidiasis since chemotherapy 14 years ago which has not been addressed by the medical profession. I started to feel a bit better initially whilst on the first course, but on finishing it, got considerably worse over the next few days, I am hoping that this is due to die-off rather than a resurgence of candida and am starting to feel better again now, but it is too early to be sure. I am about to start course 2 tomorrow. One thing that crosses my mind is that I am reducing weight at the moment, and wonder if CCWS will be effective if you are not storing fat – as presumably it will not be taken into the fat cells? I am still hopeful that this treatment will enable me to gain relief from what seems like an intractable problem at times.

  103. Mindy

    Surprisingly this product actually worked. Unfortunately I became very very I’ll from the candida die off and my immune system became so weak that I ended up falling ill. I actually came down with glandular fever that knocked me out for quite a while, and I was only able to complete 2 cycles. I still have some candida but my condition seems much reduced. I feel a bit anxious about starting another cycle, especially as I still feel a bit weak from the GF.

  104. Sandra M.

    Early days yet. I am undoing years of Dandida and do not expect instant cure. I take quite a lot of pills for diabetes type 2 and it has been difficult to get the doses sorted to go along with these.

  105. Hilary J.

    To early to say. I’m only halfway through the first 10-day off period.

  106. Barry A.

    This is my 3rd course ,I took my first course a year ago my second last August after my systems came back and I had read sometimes you need two courses.my symptoms came back after Xmas so I’m thinking of doing two courses together? I am only on day eleven and already feeling better..I would just like to add that I usually find it very difficult to take any kind of supliment but I have no problem with this one! Just wish it was cheeper as I’m a pensioner..kind regards Barbara

  107. Anne F.

    This product never done anything for me and wouldn’t buy it again

  108. Anita P.

    I could feel a difference in my first 5 day treatment. I’m excited to start my next 5 day round.

  109. Paul F. (verified owner)

    It is too early to say, but I am optimistic. I would have appreciated some more info about what to eat and not during the detox. Also I was told to take the charcoal during the 10 days in between, but I only got enough pills to take them for the 3×5 days. I will mail you for the correct answer.
    Siri MacEwen

  110. Gwyn M.

    I’ll let you know when the treatmant is completed. Many thanks.

  111. Robert H.

    Day 20 in the 35-day treatment. So far, so good. Have had some Herxheimer reaction symptoms, but generally I am feeling fairly well. I try to remind myself about the great benefits of completing the treatment and hopefully enjoying a life free of Candida.

  112. Moira C.

    Hello! I’ll like to tell you thanks for your email pointing out how to take treatment. We are now at the second period of it. Today we start taking the candida cell again so I’ll report to you afterward. Regards.

  113. Peter L.

    Very satisfied!

  114. Bilal N.

    Outstanding results, did what it said it would do.

  115. Emanuel V.

    Up to now I’ve completed the first 5 days of the treatment and almost finished the resting period (today is the 8th day). I’m not feeling better yet. The usual symptons persist.

  116. Karen B.

    The products have not arrived for me to rate them. It’s been 11 business days and nothing.

  117. Rosie

    I have used the ph health candida cell wall surpressor once before, it was highly effective, I waited over one year and a half to do my next cleanse, will be doing a cleanse in January.

  118. Sarah S.

    Havent tried it yet, am going to detox after Christmas day!

  119. Rosemary V.

    I feel alot better but i havent finished the full treatment

  120. Helen D.

    So far so good but I expect the results to be better after I have finished the programme. I am only only on my 5 th day

  121. Sarah S.

    Have not noticed any improvement at all. I am now on my second 5 day course but the candida still persists. I am now taking acidophilus as well as the cell wall suppressor and detox support.

  122. Nikki E.


  123. Begoña b.

    Good morning! Thank you to worry about it.
    I just started yesterday taken the Candida cell because my husband was in a trip so we started and know I was going to order more product so we can follow the posology.
    Something I will like to ask you: When is better to take the Em-pro? Right know we start yesterday taken the four pills every six hours and this morning we start taking the zeoco two hours before the candida and so on.
    Do you think that after the five days we shall start taken the Em-pro and I think that we follow taken the zeoco for ten days? Or could you tell me how will be the best way, please?
    I look forward to your answer.

  124. Tessa C.

    Candida cell wall suppressor has changed my life – after years of feeling exhausted and having to follow a restricted diet, I can now function ‘normally’ AND eat anything!

  125. Djuan M.

    i have been working to beat candida for the last four years, I have tried absolutely everything, hands down this is the best product for getting candida under control

  126. Philip R.

    I know that this will help with candida, but I think that either I don’t have it, or my immune system is not working properly (I have MS). I’d still recommend it though.

  127. Mariusz K.

    great customer service!

  128. Pete M.

    Excellent , still half way through but am feeling much better

  129. Monica Y. (verified owner)

    Just finished the 30 day course and its definitely changed my symptoms including weight loss and decreased sugar cravings but still have some symptoms remaining so will do another course as ive had this a long time.

  130. MR G.

    I have no data to give a different review, I reviewd in the middle as the product came on time. Either this product doesn’t do anything – or I did not have a problem with Candida fungus, it’s impossible to tell. At least it did no harm.

  131. Kathryn M.

    I think if this product was used by all, doctors surgeries would be empty. Final relief after 30 years of Candida. Best money I’ve ever spent. Tried alsorts before. This is the real deal, feel 20 again.Miracle stuff

  132. Wayne S.

    Im half way through the treatment an no changes at all!not really impressed with it especially the price ive paid for them!!

  133. Piotr S.

    I know that this will help with candida, but I think that either I don’t have it, or my immune system is not working properly (I have MS). I’d still recommend it though.

  134. Marion R.

    i am only half way through the treatment but so far so good

  135. Hector C.

    Not sure I am taking them correctly the packet said 4 times a day with food but another website said only take for 5 days then have a break which I have done. I emailed you asking for advice but did not receive an email back. I can say they are not working yet thank you Vicky I would like an answer to my email if that is ok so I know how to take them properly thank you

  136. Robert H.

    This does work but it’s an ongoing treatment as I’m still taking the 2nd course.

  137. Christine S.

    Have done 5days. To early to say, however I am not so tired and am feeling a bit better ,I hope by the end of the course I will be back to normal.

  138. Amanda M.

    Works well

  139. Susan H.

    Good product arrived quickly

  140. Emre S.

    well packed, fast shipping, candida cell wall suppressor worked great for me in combination with the zeolite. thanks a lot!

  141. Tracy R.

    I just ordered mine I have a hard time getting in touch with anyone about questions I have I have sent numerous emails has anyone had a problem with this ?

  142. Rade

    I have only just finished my first five days of treatment and on the ten day break period so cant really provide a comprehensive review of CCWS as yet, can only report that nothing remarkable has happened so far. will write another review when treatment completed in three weeks.

  143. Jon H.

    It is now 4 weeks since I completed the Candida treatment. I am delighted to say that it has worked.

    Before I ordered CCWS, I spoke to Ellen who graciously responded to my many questions and I was convinced it would work, and it did.

    I now have no candida related symptoms and most importantly, no more food cravings.

    I can recommend this product to anyone suffering with candida.

    Thank you to Ellen for being so patient in sharing your knowledge – advise is critical.

  144. Cheryl M.

    Good, easy problem free transaction. Received my purchase that was well packed and in good time. The service was great as always which is why I am a repeat customer of pH health.

  145. C C.

    I’m half way through the 30 day cleanse. I didn’t know how bad I had actually been feeling until I started taking CCWS. After the 4th day I had more energy and was able to think more clear (foggy thinking) had disappeared. I do think it’s on the expensive side, but after trying a number of different treatments…I do think you get what you pay for.

  146. Eider a.

    I have no changes. I still have got the problem with candida.But great service

  147. Ruslee S.

    Don’t know if this is beginners luck but I feel much better after taking it for just 5 days. Pain, exhaustion and skin rashes are much more under control. I did experience a little nausea and slight bowel disturbance for a few days that I think was probably die off. Well worth any temporary discomfort to receive the life changing results.

  148. Sarah H.

    I am halfway through the treatment and cant say I feel any benefit yet. I’m still hoping there will be a breakthrough, but to be honest I am disappointed as it was a lot of money I paid.

  149. Elena H.

    Very good product and very efficient delivery.

  150. Peter M.

    This has certainly helped me. Would definately recommend. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  151. Susan D.

    too early to comment as I have not finished the process as yet ?

  152. A

    have only just finished first of 5 day , so cannot give true assessment.

  153. Lorna H.

    I’m on my second bottle of these as the first course didn’t really ease the candida rash that is covering about 70% of my body. Am 12 days into the current course and haven’t noticed a change yet. Hopefully they will do something soon!

  154. Kaitlyn P.

    Was skeptical and had tried lengthy treatments that didn’t work. I’ve finished first five days and although I’m very busy and don’t have time to think too much, have noticed that I have reduced cravings for carbohydrates and not as bloated. Experienced die back which wasn’t a problem.

  155. Josias M.

    So far so good. Used before and worked really well.

  156. Douglas H.

    Just completed my first 5 days. Still got the symptoms of thrush so hoping the next round of tabs will reduce my symptoms.

  157. Donna S.

    A wonderful product . It really does work .

  158. Stephen H.

    very effective. Helped eliminate a problem I have had for many decades.

  159. Phillips M.

    Quick delivery with treatment instructions. On day 2 and feel so much better all ready 🙂

  160. Ian F. (verified owner)

    Order arrived quickly

  161. Mike Y.

    I’m very happy with the product, but can’t give 4 stars yet as I’m now in the middle of my course! I will let you know in next couple of weeks…but I feel improvement in just 3 weeks for sure!

  162. Vera B.

    Early days yet but very hopeful feeling a bit better already thanks

  163. Sybel P.

    I have used this before it definitely works and helps a great deal.

  164. Margaret H.

    I consider that I had severe Candida and took only six Candida tablets over five days and then had a severe reaction. I was unable to take any more, but I am considerably better.

  165. Alan M.

    Effective and easy to use

  166. Robert T.

    Great product it works. But if you have have bad bacteria in the gut then you should. Expect to need to use the product again in the future.

  167. G T.

    A fantastic product and so far the results are good.

  168. Thomas L.

    started to take the tablets on the 31st October and have definately seen an improvement. I am feeling so much better, not been bloated, or had thrush. currently on my 10day break, fingers crossed it is going to work. I do think the initial detox stage is quite unpleasant, but only last a few days. I was sceptical after reading negative reviews on the web, but I do truly feel like this product is working. after years of feeling unwell and being give over the counter treatments for thrush, and 6mth course of weekly thrush treatments form the doctor, neither of which worked, I feel there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel! Fingers crossed!

  169. Harvey S.

    Hi sorry I did not use them yet ,cause my GP told me its a lie and not good ,so afraid to take them .i don’t no how you can help me .

  170. Dominic M.

    Just finished the 30 day course and its definitely changed my symptoms including weight loss and decreased sugar cravings but still have some symptoms remaining so will do another course as ive had this a long time.

  171. Milena S.

    It seems to be having an effect. But as you know this is a 45-day course, so it is still too early to give a proper review. To deal with my long-standing (30 years or more) Candida, I may have to order another one. I will continue.

  172. Sheila K.

    On 45 days and nothings improved for me, so frustrated. Had high hopes for this but it was a waste of money

  173. Allan P.

    3, 5-day treatment courses over 30 days was well worth the increase in energy I felt upon finishing this product. Highly effective. I recommend to anyone who suspects they may suffer from Candida.

  174. Susan K.

    I cannot write a review as I am still waiting on one of my products which was meant to be delivered with the rest but you attached a note saying you were out of stock & will get them to me within 7 days and that was over 3 weeks ago so as you can imagine I’m not very happy. Please contact me ASAP via email as I would like the product I have paid for.
    Pete marsden

  175. John B.

    Product arrived quickly and was as advertised!

  176. Christine B.

    He he, I never got it! It was shipped some place else! You just sendt me a new package. Waiting and hoping to get it!

  177. Lindsay S.

    It seems to be working very well.:)

  178. Marcia J. (verified owner)

    I haven’t received rhe product YET!!

  179. Thomasina C.

    Very effective treatment, I have got family and friends doing the candida cleanse too

  180. Lisa F.

    It was well tolerated with no die-off. We are only half way through the program but it seems to be effective!

  181. Judith R.

    The most promising product I have found to treat candida problems.

  182. Jane H.

    I bought this for my son. I was impressed by the speed of delivery. I wait to hear of his progress.

  183. Melike Y.

    Hello, hello!
    Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to see how my body is responding before I comment.
    I have been taking the Candida course for 10 days now, and I know that there are a number of changes in reaction to the product. First, I have been experiencing some of the effects of “die offs” like fatigue, hot and chilly feelings, abdominal discomforts, fuzziness, lack of focus, slight runny nose etc.. After the 1st 5 days treatment, I became aware of some dark spots around my neck, which looked like moles. However, they are disappearing now. Sometimes I feel some revival in my vibes, but I can’t say that I am back to normal as yet. I believe I need to see the course through, and after that, I will be able to give a much clearer report on my wellbeing. Nonetheless, I know that something is working in my favour. Thanks for your kind support and patience that you have always shown, whenever I seek your assistance. Blessings to your business, and thanks in a million. Audrey

  184. Owen C.

    I started taking this but didnt notice anything different so I stopped. It smells weird and am not sure whether this is genuine. And it is waaaay to expensive!!
    May be in long term use it is different. It is real hard to trust any product when it comes to Candida as there are loads of different videos, adverts, opinions, discussions, etc. Quite annoying actually. Sorry if I mislead with my 2 stars here. Am really fed up with all this.

  185. Ann W.

    Haven’t finished it yet.

  186. David O.

    Everything went fairly well. Received time notification as to status of order and shipment.

  187. Neil L.

    Very pleased so far . Am on the last day of my second cycle of 5 tablets. Have had a distended abdomen for the last 6 months which has had the feel and the Size of a full term pregnancy bump. This has dropped slightly so the pressure on my ribs has been relieved and is now nearer a 5 month bump. It also is a little swisher and not quite as solid which makes bending slightly easier. No change in weight yet but I’m hoping. Will definitely continue to take these tablets.

  188. Stephen P.

    just received the package, looking forward to see the results

  189. Piotr S.

    Bought 3 treatments just completed the course has cured terrible dermatitis on my daughters hands and her joint pain cured a chronic urine infection for my 88 year old mother she now feels more energetic and happier. It’s cured me of thrush and cleared my chronic bronchitis .

  190. Victoria W.

    I have Had Oral Licen Planus for 8mths, I am on the 10days break, before taking the last
    5days tablets. I have ulcers contantly under my tongue,and inside of mouth is red very sore
    areas(difficult to eat. This condition at present is at its worst its been, I am extremely
    disappointed with no visible signs of improvement, or maybe I’m expecting some results
    too soon, or its not working!

  191. Sajda B.

    This 2 week course didn’t cure my candida, but it helped a lot. It is the most progress I have made after several years of effort through diet. I will try another course and see if it can help further.

  192. Rachel L.

    Fast delivery
    To early to tell if the product has helped

  193. Colin W.

    I cannot begin to tell you how great this website is. I was unsure of which products I should be purchasing so I rang the help line. I spoke to a lady called Ellen who was so patient, helpful and understanding. She listened and advised accordingly. My tablets arrived promptly and I’m mid way through the course. All good so far & I’m feeling great. Can’t recommend this website or its products enough. 10/10

  194. Karen D. (verified owner)

    I am on my first ten day break and had a headache for most of it. A good sign I hope.

  195. Elizabeth h.

    Very swift delivery. Thank-you! I bought it for a friend. Good so far.

  196. Duarte P.

    I have just finished the 2nd round of CCWS. I haven’t experienced much die off, which is a relief. I can say that my migraines have reduced, and I don’t feel as foggy. So all in all happy with product. Delivery was very quick and the regime is easy to follow. The probiotics are brilliant and I will definitely keep taking them buying more.

  197. Anita R.

    Jury is still out on these for me. On my second course and although the problem is starting to get better I am not quite there yet and I am concerned that when I finish course 2 it might go back to the way it was. Fingers crossed and if they work I will be ecstatic. Possibly a bit too early to write a review.

  198. Rhys E.

    Works incredibly well, simple.

  199. K E.

    I’ve just started my second 5 day course. I am truly amazed about the way I feel.
    I am 48 and have suffered with thrush and all its side effects since I was 15. After 3 days of taking c w s, my brain fog had cleared. I can concentrate and I have lost that horrible exhausted feeling. When I wake up in the morning I get up with no problem.
    I have had a slight headache and sometimes have felt a little nauseous but that is nothing compared to the positive feelings, and I know that that is the candida dying off so it just makes me know it’s working!
    I would highly recommend this product.
    Karen . London.

  200. Charlotte D. (verified owner)

    I have tried other similar more expensive Candida products, doing a Candida cleanse every year or so, and it seems that these work just as well or better. Recommend.

  201. Daniel K.

    Im on the second week of the three week course and havent yet felt any difference, i hope i haven’t wasted my money.

  202. Christopher M.

    Very good

  203. Susan T.

    Have completed first part of the course and already my sinusitis of 18months has started to clear. Mucus is much less and I can breath! A way to go to in the battle against CFS but this is definitely helping.

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