The Power of Distilled Water: Why Your Health Depends on it

So where to start with water? This is a question that many people are asking these days. There is a lot of information out there and most of it is in some way conflicting. One thing that is commonly known is that we are 70% made of it. Yet the different types of it, and the capabilities, benefits and detriments of different kinds of water available remain a mystery even to some of the most dedicated researchers. The clear winner – distilled water – isn’t complicated, so it may be time to get familiar with the ‘hows’ and ‘whys of purifying your water this way.

The average person in the Western world spends far too much time dehydrating via anything from chlorinated shower water, caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, to sweating and consuming refined salts. To make matters worse, we often don’t think much about sufficiently replenishing it. We do get a lot of water back through our food, but certainly not enough. We might be aware that we need to be drinking at least two litres per day, but if you are not drinking the right water, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. Another question – one that is as important if not more than the question of quantity – to ask ourselves is this: What is the quality of my water?

If you’re unfortunate, your local water supply has been subject to fluoridation, and so much of your food have been – depending on where it was prepared. Fluoride is one of the biggest problems we face, but that is another story. At MediMush we know that protecting our health is paramount, and it can be overwhelming trying to understand what is beneficial, what is not, how much we need of one thing or another, and how to determine quality. We make it our business to bring you the clearest information and the highest quality products.

Let’s start with what not to drink

There is so much confusion over which water is good for you. It’s a common misconception that bottled water is the answer. It isn’t – in fact, it’s barely any better than tap water and if it’s kept in plastic bottles the chances are that the nasty chemical BPA will be leaching into it too.

There is also a common misconception that mineral and spring water is good for you. Not so… they’re essentially hard water, collecting inorganic deposits from the ground, which in turn deposit into your cells and joints. These hard minerals are meant for plants to feed on. They are then synthesised by the plants and turned into organic minerals this way, making them fit for human consumption. And then of course there is the pollution level in most of our accessible water streams.

Inorganic minerals are not the same as organic minerals

The difference between organic and inorganic minerals is in the presence of a bound carbon atom. Organic minerals are or were living and can bring life to cells. They contain carbon, and their electrons spin clockwise, just like those of the human body. Additionally, these cells can form an ionic bond with the body and can easily break down into materials to help with bodily function, such as tissue repair.

Inorganic materials were never living, they are without carbon and can’t bring life to the cells. The body treats these materials like toxins. They are tightly held together and cannot easily be broken down. Their electrons spin counterclockwise, which is actually out of sync with the human body.

Given the choice, of course, we would choose fresh spring water over a bottle of mineral water from the supermarket. It’s not even well hidden when you think about it, and there is a lot of powerful marketing hype out there. Consider this: What does Evian spell backwards? Coincidence, or not? You decide.

Drinking tap water is never a good idea. If you saw and smelled what was in the bottom of our water distiller after just one gallon of tap water had passed through it you’d quite rightly feel ill. Suffice to say that tap water contains everything from hormones to chlorine and fluoride. It’s highly toxic and will calcify your joints, forming hardened layers and deposits in the endocrine glands and around the body’s cells, limiting their normal function.

So now you know what not to drink, here is the good news

There is only one water that is 100% pure and because that water is so very good for you, dirt cheap to produce and not patentable, it’s a real threat to the profits of a certain very powerful, ubiquitous industry. This has resulted in some questionable reports appearing at the top of popular search engine rankings, but as always, it is wise to depend upon your own experience, and of course, to ‘follow the money.

Perhaps because of this situation, there is a popular misconception that distilled water will leach minerals from your body, starving your bones and cells of what they need. This is a half-truth! What these reports conveniently omit to tell the reader is that it is only inorganic matter that is leached from the body by distilled water; it is crucial to understand this.

Distilled water is an unbelievably powerful detoxification tool precisely because it only leaches inorganic materials from the body. It has a negative ionic charge, where inorganic materials have a positive ionic charge. Distilled water is ’empty’ where all others are not, so it acts as a vacuum for waste matter, carrying it out of the body. It assists all the organs of the body in doing their jobs much better and leaves you with a clean and healthy system. Water molecules are so small that it is really the only detox method that literally flushes out old toxins from the cells – so it is important to make sure that water is pure, and not depositing more nasties.

We are not exaggerating when we say that distilled water is amazing. It is known to rid your body of pretty much any ailment or disease you can think of.

Nature doesn’t make mistakes, head to the Distilled Water

The whole concept is easier to understand when you consider that distillation is nature’s process. It’s a real shame that we have to resort to processing our own water in order to stay healthy, but the truth is that if you drink most other kinds of water your body is much more likely to have to deal with issues such as arthritis (from hardened mineral deposits in the joints), strokes and a myriad of other issues in old age.

Distilled liquids have been labeled ‘the fountain of youth‘ and widely available E-book ‘The Choice is Clear’ by Dr. Allen Banik goes into most different types of water in detail.

The MediMush team vouches for the fact that the only simple, guaranteed way to get the absolute purest water is steam distillation using a quality water distiller. Distilled water is 99.8% pure water and this can be verified with a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter from Ebay.

By adding extra minerals to your water you can stay hydrated as minerals help your body absorb the water you drink

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