Harnessing the power of DMSO in everyday life

Harnessing the power of DMSO in everyday life

Is Dr Jacob’s DMSO a miracle drug? Definitely yes!


Its remarkable versatility as a therapeutic agent has enabled its successful adaptation to several health problems in the therapeutic field.

But is that all? No. We need to look over and beyond.

Medical-grade DMSO has the largest potential number of uses ever documented for a single chemical. This uncommon gift of science is an essential element in daily life that simplifies life.

Let’s evaluate the implementation of this industrial waste, which has remained unrevealed to date.




The food and drinks we consume daily contain harmful substances, which accumulate in our bodies over a while and harm our functioning. The liver is the major organ that single-handedly purifies to eliminate or remove these toxins. However, it isn’t enough by itself.


Medical-grade DMSO gel is a sulfur-based product that aids in producing glutathione, which in turn helps with detoxification. Sulfur has the extraordinary property of attaching itself to weighted metals and removing them as sweat, urine or faeces. Unlike other drugs, orally consuming 50-70% concentration with water once a week for one month can protect internal organs from expected damage caused by the irregular production of free electrons.


  • Treating Dogs and Horses

Apart from humans, medical-grade DMSO is also used for treating animals – mainly dogs and horses. Usually, it is applied upon observing changes in their eyes, skin discolouration and any agitated reaction. Since it is known to draw fluids from tissues, it may be administered intravenously in cases where it is necessary to increase the horse’s urinary elimination, such as flushing toxins from the system faster. Routine administration of low-levels

can increase blood circulation in an area, thereby treating muscle cramping after exercise.


  • Aiding In-vitro Fertilization Process

Research in the science of cell biology suggests that Dr  Jacob’s  DMSO is a catalyst promoting cell differentiation, leading to cell growth and development.


  • Back-Pain Remedy

Back pain is a common ailment affecting a huge section of people. The causes can be attributed to several reasons: stress, strain, injuries, ageing, body acidity, bad sleeping position, etc. Medical-grade DMSO, which is an established anti-inflammatory agent, is recommended to bring a soothing effect and improve the condition by speeding the healing rate. A mixture of 90% chemical and 10% distilled water brings the best result.


  • Diabetes management

Diabetes is a chronic lifestyle condition that has lately gained the status of a likely epidemic at a faster rate in the 21st century. Research has proved that the Topical application of DMSO cream has positively altered how Insulin works in humans, particularly for diabetic patients. It balances the blood sugar levels in the body and helps ineffective management.


  • Inhibition of microbial growth

It is a bacteriostatic agent, which means it inhibits the reproduction of bacteria in unrequited places in the human body and our surroundings while not necessarily killing them outright. This solves the problem at hand effortlessly without external assistance while saving time.


  • A DIY cure for acne

Acne is a common skin condition occurring during puberty. There are many suggested home remedies for acne, but not all of them are supported by research. Medical-grade DMSO has emerged as an effective solution that can help improve skin health. Medical professionals approve a uniform ratio of 70% DMSO cream with 30% pure aloe vera or distilled water applied on a well-cleansed affected area as part of acne care.

The above-mentioned long list highlights the vast use of this magic ingredient in all fields of human life and the dire need to incorporate medical-grade DMSO into our household.



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