DMSO gel Important Instructions

DMSO gel Important Instructions To Be Followed For Topical Application ( Part 1 )

The importance of accurate dosage and application methodology of topical agents such as DMSO gel is often undermined in the medical field.

However, it is essential to understand the potential risk of this minor negligence, which can prove to be a potential source of side effects and treatment failure hampering the well-being of patients.

The topical medium of drug delivery has gained huge popularity in today’s times. It has an unending list of advantages: the flexibility to administer the drug at the selective site to avoid fluctuation chances.

Not just that, but at a patient’s level, it has improved consent for treatment due to the ease of the procedure and promoted opportunities for self-administration.

This has incentivised many pharmaceutical industries to increase their production of topical formulations for different conditions using multiple therapeutic ingredients.

With topical therapy, the right formulation and administration practices make all the difference when it comes to measuring its efficiency.

We are already aware of the healing properties of DMSO now; this draws our attention to the second step, administration.

It single-handedly dictates the right product delivery in the target site and interaction with the skin, which brings the desired results. So, let’s take a closer look at how to apply DMSO gel professionally to reap maximum benefits.


Maintain hygiene – Clean your hands and target area before application

DMSO gel works as a carrier agent. Due to this property, it enhances the absorption of additional ingredients prepared in the mixture or the substance that is already available on the skin.

While it helps in many ways, it can also prove life-threatening as there is a chance of unwanted, toxic elements entering the skin surface if proper precaution is not taken into account.

Hence, properly cleaning your hands and nails is advised to prevent any dirt, bacteria, or unwanted substance from getting absorbed into the skin through DMSO. Similarly, the administration spot should be cleaned and dried for safer application. Make sure you clean and dry the target area before applying the gel.


Do a precautionary patch test before using DMSO Gel: DMSO gel Important Instructions.

In most cases, applying DMSO gel results in temporary skin irritation. So, to determine if it’s the right concentration and compatible with your skin, always do a patch before your first use.

Take a small amount and apply it to your forearm to check the sensitivity level of your skin. Observe it for about 24 hours to know if it causes any reaction.

It prepares you in advance so you are aware of what to expect. In case the skin gets irritated, for the first 5-20 minutes, allow the required mixture to get absorbed, after which you can wipe out the excess DMSO gel.

If it persists, rinse it with cold water and apply some aloe vera gel to soothe the affected area.


Application in the infected area

DMSO gel can be applied directly with clean hands; however, experts suggest using an applicator such as a cotton pad, paintbrush, or cotton ball to apply it very lightly in the affected area.

Ensure you don’t rub or massage it into the skin, as it may irritate the skin. If it’s in liquid form, a spray bottle can be used to do the necessary. A drying period of 20 minutes is allowed, after which excess product is removed.

  • The usage of any medical drug can be quite tricky, which calls for laying out the right instructions beforehand for maintaining safety standards.


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