The Right Methodology For Formulating Dimethyl Sulfoxide Mixture.

The Right Methodology For Formulating Dimethyl Sulfoxide Mixture.

Dimethyl SulfoxideFormulating the right Pharmaceutical- grade DMSO mixture is as important as any other aspect of their use in therapeutic intervention and thus requires equal attention.

It includes the choice of the right ingredients and their accurate concentration for making the accurate mixture. Adding to the prior elements, administration of the proper dosage, while adjusting the amount applied over a requisite period and their storage can truly make a difference.

So, without any delay let’s dive into the most important part:


Recommended ratios for Dimethyl Sulfoxide mixing:

Given below is a list of possible ratios for ingredients mixing and the application schedule :

50-50 mix: In this one part contains a mix of water with aloe vera gel or silver colloidal that is to the other half containing 99 % concentration Pharmaceutical – grade DMSO. This formulation is recommended to be applied for 1-4 regularly.

70-30 mix: It is a concentrated version of the previous formulation which contains the same constituents but in a different ratio. Keeping in mind the requite of a higher concentration of Dimethyl Sulfoxide, 1 part of the water and aloe vera gel/ Silver colloidal mix is added to 2 parts of the main chemical compound. This mix is used 1-2 times a day,

10- 90 mix: It is a very mild and diluted version which is excellent for those with sensitive skin. In this case, 1 part of Pharmaceutical-grade DMSO is added with the choice of carrier or galenic base making cream and ointment for day-to-day use.


Formulations procedure and tips:

Extra precautions need to be taken into account if instead of buying a tried and tested formulation, you are keen on creating a blend yourself. Make sure that your Pharmaceutical-grade DMSO mixture has a carrier such as – aloe vera juice, distilled water or silver colloid.

It is more preferable to use aloe-vera juice rather than a gel as they contain thickeners or emulsifiers to create a certain consistency.

Put extra effort to recover it from a trusted source or brand which is not adulterated or holds chances of toxicity due to preservatives or the presence of other chemicals to make it stable.

The ingredients are mixed usually in a glass bottle due to its inert nature that eliminates the possible risk of contamination.

The mixing results in an exothermic reaction where the original ties of the ingredients are broken aiding Dimethyl Sulfoxide and the carrier to form new bonds resulting in the release of heat.

Post this we have the final product in hand which is stored in the same glass container with a dropper and measuring sign to help in the application process at the desired area.


Suggestions for dermal application:

For application in larger areas generally, a 50-50 mix works the best. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes to dry out.

Sometimes it leads to skin redness or itching which is normal and fades away with time, but if it persists try diluting it to a ratio of 1 part Pharmaceutical – grade DMSO to 3 part carrier.

As it is already well-known as a drying agent hence reducing the percentage helps in the more frequent application without drying out the skin.

If your skin feels dry try using a hydrator such as a coconut oil to improve the condition or give your skin a day’s rest before resuming the application process.


Mixture handling and storage of Dimethyl Sulfoxide

When dealing with a market purchased composition, always make it a point to read the label and verify if it’s packed in a glass container.

Those stored in plastic can carry requisite chemicals into the bloodstream, so be extra cautious.

These safety practices can help you formulate the most effective Pharmaceutical-grade DMSO mixture at home serving as a low-cost alternative to help you heal.

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