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Highest Quantity Dr Jabobs DMSO gel:

Gel 25%  120 ml, Gel 60%  120 ml (Low irritation gel )
Gel 70%  120 ml, Gel 90%  120 ml

Excelsa 10x – 240 ml Liquid DMSO 1% pH Brand Solution 99.98% – 200 ml (In liquid form)

Excelsa 10x active ingredients: dimethyl sulfone 15% (150 mg/mL), dimethyl sulfoxide 1% (10 mg/mL).Inactive ingredients: deionized water. Shelf life: 5 years at room temperature 15° – 30° C (59° – 86° F). Keep out of the reach of children. Protect from intense light. Manufactured by: Jacob Laboratories, Inc. P.O. Box 23363 – Portland, OR 9728

DMSO Gel Active Ingredients:

Solution (liquid) – 99.98% dimethyl sulfoxide (D.M.S.O 1100mg/mL) Gels – dimethyl sulfoxide – Inactive Ingredients – deionized water, carbopol, sodium carbonate. The most common forms are gel and liquid, with DMSO cream versions being the least common.




Buy DMSO Gel & Solution U.K.

30 Years of Research by Dr Jacob, the World-leading Expert in D.M.S.O, Sold for Educational Purposes ONLY

Can you exercise and smoke? | Very Fitness dihydroboldenone cypionate physical routines to lower the level of anxiety.

There are many grades of DMSO dimethyl sulfoxide gel and solutions on the market, including industrial grade. Be aware of cheap variations.

Dr Jacob has 30 years of experience with D.M.S.O. and many clinical trials to support his claims. It is sensible to buy D.M.S.O. from the experts. Currently, studies are underway by Abela Pharmaceuticals for severe head injury patients using D.M.S.O. in their recovery. 

You can read extensive information on this incredible substance by looking at the official website at Jacob Lab:


How do you decide to use gel or solution?

Although using the gel is more convenient because it is thicker than the solution, making it easier to handle, each bottle only has 120ml compared to the 200ml from the solution. Other ingredients are added to form the gel substance, which can increase the chance of irritation for the very few. To solve that problem, the low irritation gel was introduced.


Why buy Dr Jacob’s gel or solution?

1. Stanley Jacob is the world’s leading expert on substance and knowledge.

2. Making DMSO. Gel and Solution is a family business for Jacob Labs, and when he passed away, his son took over the company, making sure it was made with the same strict quality control and passion his father used.

3. You are guaranteed the premium pharmaceutical DMSO, not industrial grade. Like salt, you can get road salt, processed salt, Himalayan and even intravenous salt. All are designed for their reasons. Make sure you buy from the experts.


Why use Medical grade cream?

The difference between the cream and gel is a personal preference. The gel is undoubtedly more soothing and cooling; when left in the fridge, it increases that cooling effect. The medical-grade cream can carry some other skin substances like vitamin E.

A study has found that taking drugs for pain, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen (paracetamol) twice or more weekly, increases the risk of hearing loss. A study found that women who took ibuprofen or acetaminophen a few times a week had a 13% increased hearing loss risk.

The more taken, the more likely she was to report hearing loss. The risk jumped by 24% for women who reported taking these painkillers more than six times a week. The link was found to be greater in women younger than 50 years old.



Acetaminophen – a potent physical painkiller that reduces empathy for other people’s suffering – blunts physical and social pain by reducing brain area activation.



A Little Bit Of History

Dimethyl sulfoxide is a colourless organic sulfur compound. This by-product of kraft pulping or paper-making comes in a gel, cream, or liquid form. Dimethyl sulfoxide is widely used as a vector within many pharmaceutical products, as it’s highly effective at carrying intercellular substances.

Dr Jacob dmso UKEven though its efficiency is hugely regarded through word of mouth, there is little scientific evidence until Dr Jacob (picture to the left) made it his life work with over 16,000 studies.

Dr Jacob and his son Jeff spent their lives studying and manufacturing D.M.S.O. to the world’s highest standard.

The research team at Medimush, who have regular contact with Jeff Jacob ( Dr Jacob’s son), was told Dr Jacob was using DMSO daily for the remainder of his 30 years.

He attributed his lack of grey and naturally brown hair to the lack of DMSO toxicity and free radical clearing effects.

Although by law, Medimush cannot discuss any possible benefits of D.M.S.O., the book: ‘D.M.S.O. Nature’s Healer’ by Morton Walker is an excellent place to start if you are investigating natural substances and their effects on the body.


Alexander Saytzeff

A Russian scientist, Alexander Saytzeff, isolated this remarkable chemical compound (picture below) in 1866. It became known for its medical properties only in 1963 when a research team led by Stanley W. Jacob tested its efficiency.

D.M.S.O. only has approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a prescriptive drug for interstitial cystitis.

The F.D.A. blocked all D.M.S.O. trials in November 1965. D.M.S.O.’s distinct garlicky odour may also present difficulties in marketing DMSO. as a drug.


Pharmaceutical companies cannot get a patent for D.M.S.O. because it’s a natural product. So, spending millions of dollars on research and development when they can’t get an exclusive patent is not a viable option. At present, Dimethyl Sulfoxide is sold as a supplement.

In 2010, the F.D.A. approved Dr Jack de la Torre’s proposed study as a treatment for closed head injuries at the University of New Mexico Medical School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



Accordingly, pharmaceutical D.M.S.O. solution stays suspended in colder outdoor temperatures, so it mostly comes as a suspended substance when sent through the chilly months.

By heating the appropriate bottle in a warm water bath or keeping it next to a radiator, Dr Jacob’s D.M.S.O. solution quickly becomes liquid again and can be utilized.


Dr Jacob’s DMSO oral is a natural sulphur compound with a wide variety of different capabilities. Dimethyl Sulfoxide is a low-viscosity, high-boiling liquid (boiling point 189 °C, 372 °F) and a versatile solvent.

Which has a characteristic odour and freezes at a temperature of +18 °C (64.4 °F) into a crystalline, solid state.


Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) has long been used as a versatile, polar solvent in organic syntheses and a transmitter substance (carrier substance, transportation mediator) in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Dr Jacob’s Dimethyl sulfoxide can be utilized in liquid form and often as a part of gels. Additionally, Dimethyl Sulfoxide prevents the formation of ice crystals on frozen foods during the freezing process.

In recent decades, more outstanding Dimethyl sulfoxide features have become increasingly famous; there is a high density of online information, and many publications have appeared on the subject.

Medimush cannot advertise the use of Dimethyl sulfoxide for topical or other use by L.A.W.; this product is sold for educational purposes only and may, in rare cases, irritate the skin if applied.


Not for drug use; do not inject. Side effects of D.M.S.O 

No medical or other applications to the human body are advised or promoted for this product.  Keep out of the reach of children.

We always ask that our customers consult their healthcare providers before using our products.


Dr Jacob’s DMSO reviews UK

MedimMush has hundreds of certified DMSO reviews.

Reviews are essential to assuring you of the quality. Please take some time to read through each one because it’s no longer legal to advertise the benefits of products.

However, you can read about our customers’ personal experiences.

D.M.S.O. reviews give you an idea of how others use D.M.S.O.


Why should you check if other products have reviews?

  1. It’s a fast way to investigate how others have enjoyed the service and D.M.S.O. product. The reviews don’t lie. 
  2. The reviews also let you know that MediMush is a trusted brand
  3. If you see other sites and like their product more but don’t have any reviews, that might be a sign.

Additional information


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296 reviews for Buy Dr Jacobs Premium DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) from the UK

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent DMSO and service

  2. Leonard Waters (verified owner)

    Excellent DMSO and HIGHLY recommend

  3. Sharon (verified owner)

    I Bought the DMSO Excel 10, a very good product. I will be buying more

  4. meira500 (store manager)

    Thank you for trying our DMSO, we trust you are happy with it.

  5. Peter (verified owner)

    I’ve only just begun to use the DMSO. Too early to see any effect, but I have confidence in its high quality.

  6. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Excellent DMSO and prompt delivery..thanks..will be ordering again

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    DMSO GEL is an Excellent product

  8. Annie (verified owner)

    Have been using DMSO for about a week or so and it seems to be helping a lot.

  9. Annie (verified owner)

    MediMush is one of those rare gems. A company which stands in honour, sells great DMSO products and is a pleasure to do business with.

  10. Stephen Ward (verified owner)

    I ordered the 70% but they had ran out (unknown to me). The lady called me, asked me if the “90% would be okay?”
    I offered to pay the extra as the 90% is brilliant. But she said “no, it’s okay.” And sent it out, I believe I received it within 1 or 2 days.

    I think their service is really good.

    I would also like thank you, I use DMSO daily and I’ll buy more next month.

    Have a nerve injury in my neck and shoulder and the only thing that helps me with pain management in DMSO.

  11. janie c. (verified owner)

    Been wanting to purchase DMSO for a while, so really pleased to have have found this company knowing i am buying one of the best grades. Customer care really useful and friendly too.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This DMSO is An amazing product, which made a difference.

  13. David Dunnett (verified owner)

    Dr Jacob DMSO is a Quality product, which I have used for some years

  14. Steve jones (verified owner)

    The DMSO quality and service is next to none very pleasant lady to. Order off the Internet within two days your products at your front door 👏

  15. simon g. (verified owner)

    Could be the best product I have found to treat a torn muscle and swelling reduction associated with this type of injury.

  16. Garry W. (verified owner)

    Using this on a sprained wrist, works a treat. Usually keep DMSO in glass so hope the flexible plastic container is inert. Seems excellent and easy to apply. Good telephone contact over stocks and delivery.

  17. Susannah (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff has really helped with my knees, not suffering like I was (had early on set of arthritis)

  18. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Amazing gel , have used it for many months now , slight tingle that goes away after a minute and then pain free

  19. ELIE PATRICK B. (verified owner)

    Très satisfait de vos produits ainsi que du service livraison

  20. David Dunnett (verified owner)

    The DMSO is very easy to use and very effective

  21. Nicky Shipp (verified owner)

    The DMSO Gel is amazingly useful & effective stuff! (Just make sure the skin is very clean, and wash off after about 5 mins.)

  22. Joeri (verified owner)

    Using DMSO to keep inflammation of tumor down and also for pain relief. So glad I found out about DMSO!

  23. peter brooks (verified owner)

    Dmso gel is an excellent product alongside all the other excellent ptoducts from Medimush..
    Terrific quality ,, very friendly and helpful,,
    I would not go anywhere else ,,

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was happy to find this brand of DMSO outside the US. Will order from MediMush again when I run out 🙂

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service, always a pleasure to speak with Medimush

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always purchase this item. I find that it helps with aches and pains

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service.

  28. Ravinder (verified owner)

    DMSO is a Great product and great quick delivery as always

  29. Eunice P. (verified owner)

    Really helps.

  30. Eunice (verified owner)

    Thank you Ellan for your help and advice on the best products we should use. We have been buying your products for a good year or More now. Thanks.

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thank you for the DMSO and Excellent service

  32. Ravinder (verified owner)

    Great product (DMSO GEL) and excellent customer services. Many thanks

  33. accounts (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. My dad has prostate cancer which has spread to his bones and this gel has really helped get rid of his back and leg pain and make walking easier again. Thanks Medimush for a wonderful service and as usual very fast delivery. Will order again.

  34. Amanda Bryan (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant product. From arthritis to pulled muscles. Just paint it on. And very safe. Much better than pain killers.

  35. Anonymous (verified owner)

    belle qualité, produit très intéressant

  36. Ravinder (verified owner)

    Great customer service and super fast delivery and not forgetting a great product. Thank you

  37. Christine (verified owner)

    Excellent service for my DMSO and helpful customer service.

  38. Jo (verified owner)

    Great product and prompt delivery.
    This stuff works and quickly! It doesn’t sting like other brands I’ve tried. This is my second bottle and will definitely be buying again.
    Thank you

  39. Marilyn Dennis (verified owner)

    Only recently started using this product and have taken a very cautious approach, but after just a few day’s it’s beginning to work. Exited about future possibilities.

  40. Paul (verified owner)

    DMSO seems a little expensive, that said the service from MediMush has been consistently fast, reliable and responsive on two orders to date. DMSO seems like a miracle product, check some YouTube vids to see what it supposedly does. Used it for muscle and tendon pain recovery after a cycle wipe-out, I am convinced.

  41. Marilyn Dennis (verified owner)

    First ever experience with DMSO, (Gel) and it worked where everything else failed. Going to get acquainted with other forms of the product, as i feel it may help resolve other health issues. Fast delivery and priced equitably. Happy customer.

  42. Elizabeth Jones (verified owner)

    The information given to me regarding this product has been really helpful and detailed! Fully explained and all my questions answered clearly!
    I have only been using it for a few days and I’m sure given time I will feel the full benefits!

  43. melissa h. (verified owner)

    The 90% DMSO is perfect for the pain I’ve had in my shoulders. So much so that I’ve not had to use it recently but I’m so glad I have it. I recommended it to my son-in-law who’s been thinkng surgery for his rotator cuff pain and has just bought a bottle. I know he’ll feel less pain and I hope surgery will be very far off.

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Très bonne qualité du produit et livraison impeccable

  45. melissa h. (verified owner)

    I just received the DMSO a few days ago and have been applying it twice daily. As it’s still a bit early what I CAN say is that the ache in my right rotator cuff is about gone and the torn ligament and biceps in my left arm much less painful, so I’m sure it’s working. I will continue to use the DMSO.

  46. Peter Brooks (verified owner)

    Always arrives on time and very good quality..
    Very pleasant , helpful and knowledgeable staff..
    All that a company should do ..
    Many thanks ..I will be reordering and would recommend
    to anyone..

  47. Mar (verified owner)

    Fast delivery of the DMSO. No issues. Will use MediMush again👍🏼

  48. Madeline (verified owner)

    Great pain killer and great service first class 👍

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very good

  50. Angus (verified owner)

    Quick service – For my DMSO

  51. Kaitlyn P.

    Love it! Works quickly and its natural

  52. Quentin M.

    Works very well……would buy again

  53. Lewis C.

    Very effective product that can be easily applied using a spray applicator

  54. Jane T. (verified owner)

    I am fast running out of this amazing product. I have developed a very painful hip and upper leg pain which I have had for some time.
    DMSO is the only product that helps. The effects last for hours, so I am very happy with it and just about to order some more.
    Would definitely recommend.

  55. Olufemi l.

    Product arrived’s a product I have used before and has been very effective.

  56. Beverley F.

    Fabulous thankQ ankle injury greatly improved

  57. Susan K.

    Not used yet but have used DMSO mixed in with MMS which has been helpful for clearing up mycoplasma infection – a co-infection of Lyme disease

  58. Cathy R.

    Took a bit long to get to me, was starting to doubt if it was coming at all, but then again the happier I was when it did come, so thank you very much!!

  59. Josh E. (verified owner)

    Top quality product works really well for my arthritis ln my right knee, works a treat for the pain.

  60. A C.

    Quick delivery. My first purchase so watch this space.

  61. Jane T. (verified owner)

    Easy to apply and you feel the effects very quickly. Satisfied with my purchase.
    Would recommend.

  62. Martha C.

    I’m not really able to give a review yet. Maybe in a months time.

  63. Kari H.

    fast shipping

  64. Rana H.

    I was happy that i could get the product here in GB and not having to order from USA. Thank you for a good service

  65. Dan P.

    Hello Medimush, i was very happy to get my order delivery.
    i was offered to have the discount on my order but in reality i never had it !
    Another discount was offered Right after my order was placed, 50 % percent on PH plus, alkalising capsules it came to my mail right after placing my order where i just buy exactly Ph Plus.
    So i am wondering how it can happen like that i why i dident have the discount first on 5 % becorse of my membership, and following on the Ph Plus.
    I feel fooled from your service, and if you will not correct the mistake i will probharly find another place to buy this kind of product in the furture !
    I also try to write to your customer service severel times but no repond or answer.

    Dan Ptersen

  66. Yvonne D.

    I’m gradually noticing a marked improvement of my arthritic knees and am definitely going to continue using this gel. So glad I found out about it!

  67. Bev P.

    Arrived promptly. Too soon to say if it has worked yet.

  68. Antonia M.

    prompt delivery, everything as promised, no surprises, fully satisfied, will order again. delighted, thank you.

  69. patgo

    I would like to know this gel is working in arthosis.

  70. Owen T.

    Working as a very good pain relief, not sure on other benifits yet as not used it for long enough yet. Applying 3x a day. I would say to avoid the itching after use, spray on water while applying

  71. Vicki E.

    Very good product. Does relieve pain, but have to keep applying it.

  72. Arnold C.


  73. Doris P.

    All arrived safely. I am still in the early stages of using DMAE, mixing with other oils, and using on my arthritis areas. The results seem promising, bit too early to claim a miracle!!

  74. Ana N.

    i have not received it yet !!

  75. Katherine h.

    Excellent product and service. It arrived very promptly and is helping the torn ligaments in my knee heal more quickly without the need for pain killers or NSAI’s

  76. Brigid W.

    I haven’t been using it long enough to know whether it is effective. These type of products (i.e. natural ones) usually take time to work. They are not a “quick fix” so only time will tell.

  77. Kathleen H.

    Good service, not used it yet.

  78. Claudine C.

    I do believe this is a fantastic cure for many things and it has helped with sprains and strains so far in the past
    This time around I’m fighting shingles and cysts on the nerve sheaths in the sacrum
    Incredibly :confounded: painful. I imagine it will take a while yet I’ve only been using it for a two weeks still in mega pain just yet
    Thanks xx

  79. Amanda P.

    I have received it, Dmso is very effective at helping my pain

  80. Seth S.

    This ready to use gel is very convenient . Came with quick and efficient service.

  81. Jim D.

    I packed my last job in because of my worsening back condition. I have Scoliosis and I am missing 3 discs. I had simply had enough of being zonked off pain-killers and normal creams, gels, rubs did nothing to alleviate the pain.
    I waited until I was in extreme daily pain to use my DMSO as I needed a control point. I wasd always sure of it’s efficacy as I knew others who had tried it but after Xmas I started using it daily.
    The results on me were little short of miraculous. Hardly any pain, increased mobility, better range of movement. I cannot value it any higher and PH Health are prompt and communicative. The products speak for themselves.

    Just one thing to note when using DMSO on serious back or spinal issues. It cannot cure the actual condition but it will 100% help with pain and pain management. If you do too much when using DMSO then you will suffer some pain as a result. Be sensible in what you do but be sure that it can and will help with pain relief. There is nothing like it on the market and the fact that it isn’t widely used is a damn shame.

    Nevertheless PH Health have gave me my freedom back and I cannot thank them enough for supplying this product.

  82. Guy N.

    I can’t say how pure it was, had a dmso garlicky smell but was shipped quickly, I have never paid that much for dmso before and would be reluctant to again but if it’s dr Jacobs brand as it claims it’s top quality.

  83. Philip B.

    Well it’s early days yet in terms of using the DMSO – so 4 star at moment; but in terms of prompt service from ph Health – excellent. Hopefully after using the product longer I’ll be in a position to give 5 stars 🙂
    Phil B.

  84. Ben R.

    Thanks, arrived quickly, was just what I ordered

  85. Sharisse W.

    I’m not sure if this works for me, but have only used it once a day and perhaps need to use it more frequently

  86. Urmas L.

    Perfect, just what I was looking for.

  87. Dejan T.

    I receive the product everyting is fine.thanks

  88. Jessica R.

    Excellent product and service as always. Thank you.

  89. Mandy B. (verified owner)

    really amazing product. We use it on ourselves and our horses. Wonderful anti inflammatory, painkiller and healer

  90. Benjamin O.

    This gel works real quick. Lump in he head has shrunk drastically.

  91. Ilan S.


  92. Arthur C.

    I find it more effective so less does

  93. Christine C.

    I received what I expected and am quite happy with it. Just the bottle which I thought to be 50% DMSO happened to be 60%. I was surprised but everything was fine.

  94. Steven J. (verified owner)

    Next day delivery not a problem :thumbsup::thumbsup:

  95. Rysard M.


  96. Matt D.

    Good product and shipped quickly!

  97. Robert Z.

    I’ve bought 60% gel in purpose to define my scar tissue that I have on my arm. It really works. I’ve been using this product 2 weeks and my scar tissue became a bit soften, pain of it seems to gone away and I started feel weird but nice iching in spot of my scar.

  98. Colette C.

    Fast delivery, great product. Thanks

  99. Francis B.

    Well pleased with the service and I’m sure that I will be getting back to your company in the near future

  100. Thomas G.

    Great service and great product!

  101. Cathy P.

    this product arrived promptly and the product itself is brilliant,

  102. Olena F.

    I am pleased with this product. The person whom it was bought for felt some relief in pain on the first day after it was massaged into the foot.
    It was used for plantar fasciitis which has been going on for over 7 years now.
    We told the GP we were going to try it and were surprised that he said it was a good idea and that it can work….as most mainstream medics try to steer people away from natural products and onto pharmaceuticals.
    One warning though…it is a solvent so be very careful in applying
    I put the bottle down on a wooden table and where some liquid had run down the outside, it took the varnish off the table in seconds!
    Lucky it was an old table. So have a plate to put it on and lots of tissues etc.
    Very pleased with this product and would recommend.

  103. Anthea S.

    It’s a great product, and it arrived so quickly

  104. Susan C.

    I found this product really effective in controlling the pain from arthritis in my shoulders. I chose this formula because my skin is quite sensitive and i’ve had no redness at all.

  105. Hitesh M.

    Quick service great product.

  106. Lars R.

    Good product, nice quality, fast delivery (abroad).

  107. Simon b.

    Pretty rubbish actually. It’s over a week late and still no sign of it

  108. Carole G.

    Thought I’d try DMSO after reading an article on the Dr. Weil website. Strained my knee and had a lot of fluid around the joint. Bathed the knee three times a day in a 70% solution and the fluid had gone by the fourth day. Excellent – will certainly use it again.

  109. Pilar m.

    Muy bueno

  110. Paul W.

    Quick service and well packaged but not seen the benefits just yet, I will review again in a few months !

  111. Onorio M.

    Excellent product

  112. Georgina I.

    I had it before I think it is very good my last purchase was for my son he is still waiting for its effect.I will carry on using it.

  113. Jean B.

    worked well

  114. Vera C.

    I’ve receive it, DMSO works great

  115. Jo W.

    Early days yet but hoping for a good improvement.

  116. Yasmin P.

    It was a present I believe it was well received

  117. Alva C.

    Did not notice any significant difference but have only used the product 2/3 times. However, must commend the lady who answered the phone as she was very helpful and clearly had good knowledge of the products.

  118. Anna Z.

    DMSO needs reapplication throughout the day as the effect does wear off. I need to ascertain the anti-inflammatory effects long term for RA but certainly on fingers the pain killer and mobility effects are instant and obvious. I bought this brand in order to ensure I was getting the best. Without diluting in distilled water it becomes very warm on the skin. I only tried this out of curiosity and do dilute to 70% before applying. There is no enduring or strong smell.

  119. Andy

    I had chronic back and hip pain,4 days later it was almost gone do so not only relieves pain but I belief it heals.
    Amazing stuff

  120. Jane A.

    I had nemonia and was not breathing well I feel that the dmso is helping. I am using it in a nebuliser and putting it on the skin. So far so good.

  121. Sarah W.

    DMSO is fabulous for pain relief, very quick and effective. i was so impressed I brought some for a friend and now she’s brought some for her son. A great alternative to taking painkillers.

  122. Ralph J.

    excellent , will use again

  123. Jennifer f.

    Arrived well packaged and in good time. I can’t comment on the quality of the product yet as I’m waiting until post-pregnancy to use it.

  124. Ernest H.

    I bought DMSO from a different supplier. It claimed to be 99.98% pure, but it didn’t freeze completely – there was always a liquid residue which troubled me. So I ordered from pH Health to get a comparison. I’m not an analytic chemist, but what I can say is that their liquid did freeze solid, and thawed out at about 18 dec C as expected. I find this reassuring, and will continue to buy from this supplier. As for the order, it was quickly fulfilled and delivered equally speedily to me, here in France.

  125. John D.

    I have only began using D M S O for the past two weeks and I find that it is giving me some rlief and I intend to keep using it and I will keep you informed of the results.I now wish to order the same bottle of DMSO as previously with the same payment arrangement.
    Sincerely, John Donegan.

  126. Mike A.

    Good product but didn’t do anything for my Supraspinatus tendonitus

  127. Daniel S.

    everything good

  128. Yanko p.

    Quick delivery, good product

  129. Emma B.

    Wrong item sent

  130. Irene G.

    I have used DMSO for about 4 years for my knees and feet. i have now sent some to my daughter whom has lung cancer and is using it for pain relief and my other daughter uses it for her feet also so we have faith in the product.

  131. Lucy L.

    I bought DMSO for bad back pain. It came promptly and feels good to apply, and helpful. But as my pain remains pretty bad, I canâ€:tm:t yet give the product 5 stars.

  132. Catherine C.

    60% DMSO (120 ml), one bottle, did not do what I wanted it to do so I tried 70% . This was a mistake as I do have a sensitive skin. I will try again with more 60% when my scalp condition has calmed down.

  133. Debra B.

    good product

  134. Mr b.

    Love this product, fast working, safe, and better than the alternatives, I tell everyone about it.

  135. Ulrike B.

    DMSO is an excellent product. I used it together with MMS for healing my hair follicle inflammation of 21 years – in 10 days!

  136. Sarah G.

    Quick delivery, good product.

  137. Michael C.

    It does what it says used properly. I also bought MMS and the Citric Activator – using them as advised with DMSO has definitely made a difference to the health of myself and wife – we are still in the learning process but what we have already experienced makes us feel there are better health benefits yet to come.

  138. Daniel S.

    no nonsense service . Thank you . Daniel

  139. Wendy H.

    still undecided if its working on my arthritis in my sacroiliac joint, could do with some input into this if you have any.

  140. Mauri c.

    Quick delivery, high quality products…DMSO from PK healt is of best quality….thanks…

  141. Michael C.

    I use it with crushed aspirin as a transdermal muscle pain control. Works a dream for me. and avoids oral ingestion of aspirin.

  142. Monica C.

    I discovered DMSO when I had a sciatica, really bad pain. I didn’t want to take conventional painkillers, DMSO helped me relieve the pain almost instantly. I warmly recommend it. I buy the 99,98% solution, dilute it with 25% water (or more, if your skin is sensitive) and apply it with a dropper, leaving it there until it dries up. After a few hours you need to apply it again. I read it produces a smell of garlic but I hardly ever experienced it, it’s never been an issue.

  143. Leyla C.


  144. Anthony

    A wonderful product. Please be confident in purchasing from this website. Excellent

  145. Patricia V.

    Not too sure yet, have used it daily for only one week along with vitamins which I’ve been taking for years in the hope it will dissolve hip spur and enable me to go for long walks again

  146. Diana P.

    I bought DMSO to treat my Rheumatoid Arthritis as I had read about it on the internet.I started by spraying it on affected areas at full strength but found that after a few days it began to irritate the skin.[It does say this on the bottle] I now dilute with water to 50%, but it seems to still be affective in reducing pain and swelling, which is mostly in my hands.I have been able to cut down other medication such as painkillers and steroids.
    At full strength it seems to be clearing up my toenail fungus when painted on.

  147. Yusuf Q.

    I have found dmso to be very helpful indeed. I am in the early stages of using it but so far so good. Thankyou ph health so sending me my purchase swiftly.

  148. G A.

    Very good product it’s does the job

  149. Bonnie W.

    received it, excellent DMSO

  150. Oral K.

    Product is as advertised and was delivered in time promised.

  151. Amy B.

    awesome!! really happy with it and the information sheet…thank you

  152. Jaclyn L.

    Delivery quickly it work stop my feet pain quite fast


    100% relief from pain this maricile solution

  154. S G.

    I bought a branded product – on the basis of its producer reputation. PHHelalth were unable to supply the branded version and sent me a no-name brand instead – without informing in advance.

    I objected and complained – because I had paid a significant premium for the product and expected what was promised. They apologized for not informing me of the problem before sending the product and resolved the issue to my satisfaction.

    I’ve bought from pH Health before and they were fine then.

  155. Joga B.

    great product – packaged well.
    would great to be able to order 100ml bottles as well so I can take them on the plane.

  156. John C.

    I have several arthritic joints which are extremely painfll, but I find the pain is greatly reduced within 2/3 mins of applying 80% concentration of DMSO and the relief lasts for 2/4 hours depending on how active I am during that period. An excellent product together with a prompt and effeceint service from pH Health.

  157. Colin O.

    DMSO is a highly under-rated addition to pain-relief and can be used in tiny quantities to help alleviate localised pain. It doesn’t smell; is soon absorbed into the skin; and doesn’t leave any residue after application.

  158. Simone L.

    Hi, great quality DMSO, I mixed it with Miracle Mineral Solution for ingestion. You can also put it in the bath or apply topically to skin. 99.8 strength But be diluted, 30 % dmso to 70% water. PH Health is a supplier you can trust.

  159. Esra B.

    Arrived very quickly, absolutely recommend

  160. John M.

    Delighted with my product will definitely buy again from this company

  161. Paolo Z.

    I am on second order of CDS and DMSO; good products! The CDS ( in glass bottle!) came with little pipette: drops counter… Not sure the ml it is correct though but it works to count drops!! DMSO it s a great product, 70% was strong for me though but i guess it s personal( depends also on your skin responce), so i have to diluite it.. So far so good , noticed some reduction in size but still premature to celebrate( i m using it for a lump- not benign…if / when more good news will let know…)

  162. Margaret B.

    Not sure the DMSO yet have only just started using it but the follow up support I received from P H health was very good. They were quick and efficient when dealing with a lost item in the post and had it sorted in no time. A very good service.
    Thank You!
    Maggie Brennan

  163. Michele S.

    Such good products feel benifits

  164. Serge K.

    received it and looking forward to using the DMSO, GREAT SERVICE

  165. Andrew K.

    Its definitely genuine! Even at a 50/50 dilution it has the right odour, tingle on the skin and starting to see positive benefits on painful joints and surrounding soft-tissue.
    Particularly effective when applying Voltarol once it has dried.
    This is not to be taken as advice, this is purely my personal experience.

  166. Anna C.

    I have heard such amazing reports about dmso. I am yet to use mine.
    I need to figure out how to dilute it.
    Some information on that would be great?

  167. Irene M.

    It took some edge off the pain of my frozen shoulders but didn’t last unfortunately. I wondered if the oil would work better

  168. James W.

    DMSO !!! WoW!! This is the real deal, I’ve just ordered some more products from this company great website full of well explained info – delivered quickly 10*’s – thanks

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    Good product.
    Delivered on time
    Good service.
    Will use again when I need to.

  171. Charles T.

    I have extremely high hopes for DMSO based on what I have read. Time will tell and if my hopes are realized I will be back for more.

  172. Olufemi l.

    Brilliant product. Could be used in so many ways to benefit the body’s balance especially against pain and inflammation.

  173. Steve K.

    still trying to understand it. didn’t relieve arthritic / gout pain as expected

  174. Andreas K.

    I have serious nerve damage (pain and discomfort) from a surgery in 2014. DMSO really helps!!
    Quick delivery 🙂

  175. Carol B.

    Very impressive product. Works more or less instantly.

  176. Andy T.

    could have done with a larger bottle

  177. Claudine P.

    DMSO 70% alleviated the pain of a Taulor’s Bunion after a couple of applications.

  178. Hildreth D.

    Really happy with the product, and because it’s in a gel form in a stop top bottle, it is much easier to control the amount used and reduce wastage. The swellings are certainly not getting any larger and so far it seems to be working.

  179. Gyorgy M.

    Quick delivery, and the product is good as usual, using it for my neck pain to take the MMS through the skin inside my body.

  180. Laura s.

    Iâ€:tm:ve been using this product for about a week now. I try to use it five times a day (I have crps and thatâ€:tm:s what some research articles used in their studies) but sometimes itâ€:tm:s only 3x/day. Iâ€:tm:ve been slowly increasing my dose of neurontin so I canâ€:tm:t tell yet if it makes a difference since Iâ€:tm:m feeling better from the neurontin anyway, but I can say with a fair amount of confidence itâ€:tm:s not making it feel worse. 🙂

  181. Delmar O.

    DMSO : really helpful for pain / inflammation relief!

  182. Allan C.

    great product….as always quick to work bringing fast relief

  183. Daniel S.

    Everything good.

  184. Carol W.

    Delivery was prompt and quick.
    DMSO is amazing stuff. Am using it as a carrier for skin treatment, and the results so far are impressive. Also, I notice that the initial ‘garlic’ effect seems to have significantly reduced so the treatment isn’t as anti-social as some of the warnings might suggest. Will definitely be back for more!

  185. Marc Q.

    Good product
    Very happy

  186. Negat K.

    This product really works well, I’m impressed

  187. Colin R.

    DMSO is a non-invasive application that is easily absorbed into the skin, with no smell, and a positive result in nearly every treatment.

  188. Barry C.

    a great product that instantly kills the pain in my damaged shoulder and knee ,highly recommended .

  189. Zoran S.

    I have long search on Internet the best quality product at a moderate price with low shipping cost, and finally I found that on your website. I got exactly what I ordered and I received a shipment very quickly, all is fairly and promptly, thank you very much once again!

    Best regards!


  190. Asim A.

    No good.
    Did not work for me, but I could be that one! right?

  191. Tish T.

    I is a REAL nuisance to be hounded for a review. STOP PESTERING! It makes you company LOOK VERY BAD. I have repeatedly asked you to take me off you mailing list for rubbish emails. I am still receiving them.

  192. Laura M.

    prompt service, great product. thankyou 🙂

  193. Roseline t.

    Amazing product and great service

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  195. Nichaan B.

    Excellent. Use with many patients. Healed an acute tendinitis in a couple of days.

  196. Socrates G.

    So far I used it for my mums legs pain , it seems to help a lot. I’m still excperimenting with the mixers

  197. Rob F.

    Great product

  198. Kamaldeep S.

    Really impressed with DMSO. I’m only 37 years old with chronic knee pain due to 5 operations. The constant discomfort seems to have subsided. I’m not expecting it to cure damaged cartilige and be a miracle fix but I have felt a difference in only 2 applications.

  199. Heerco g.

    Hi, I have experienced other dmso , also stating purity 99 % , but now, after receiving the dmso from pH health I know now what is pure…. I also smells a lot less the my previous dmso …… the working of it ..?? I take it for spraying on the skin for free radical scavenger…. does it works ? .. I except it does.

  200. H B.

    The product itself is of good quality, however my concern is the plastic bottle in which it comes. With DSMO being such a good carrier through the skin I am not happy to apply the product and have any toxic molocules being taken in with the DSMO. I will therefore look to buy DSMO in a glass bottle, however I would be happy to purchase other items from your company which do not have this problem.

  201. Anna O.

    It is a great product. It is very quick delivery.

  202. Jenna M.

    Very prompt delivery. The product is very pure – no stinging on the skin and has helped heal my tendonitis enormously…far more quickly than without it.

  203. Dave R.

    Great product delivered in good time. No complaints!;)

  204. J G.

    DMSO is the best product I have come across which is natural and works with no side effects… always recommend it

  205. Mayra C. (verified owner)

    Thanks to I’m able to purchase the best human use DMSO, which I’ve used for several years to combat inflammation and pain due to intense martial arts training injuries or sprains. Note: important how to use it and percentage wise too.
    I dilute it with distilled water. Oral solution is 10%, and 70% topical, as per directions from Dr. Stanley Jocob himself to me. DMSO is a true healer, a wonder solution like no other, a free radical scavenger. No toxic side effects like pharmaceutical drugs like ibuprofen, with an exception of a little smell through your pores. Highly recommended if you are interested in real healing.

  206. Mary M.

    My vet has been using DMSO together with hematoxylene to treat a cancerous growth behind my dog’s eye,( as per Dr Morton Walker’s book). We started using it in December of last year and, so far, he’s doing well on it. I was told they wouldn’t be able to get it all out and as I didn’t want to go the chemotherapy route, (he’s a black lab, just turned 12), I decided to try this. As DMSO is a natural product, there are no side effects; this was important to me. My brother-in-law has since used the gel on a very painful shoulder and found relief.

  207. Ruwan A.

    The DMSO gel seems fairly good, but too early to tell. However I do not appreciate the constant spam emails to complete a review!

  208. Quentin D.

    Perfect, quickly received, well packed.

  209. Olufemi l.

    Good product. Very versatile

  210. Andrew P.

    The real McCoy! Decent price and quick delivery. Can’t complain!

  211. Trond l.

    We have been using Dr Jacob’s DMSO for years now, and with excellent results. I highly recommend this product.

  212. Michael W.

    It had no effect and my pre petella bursitis

  213. Øyvind K.


  214. Nic W.

    A very effective product; I purchased it for the transdermal delivery of fat burning agents. Customer service was excellent and delivery very quick. Would highly recommend all round.

  215. Nichaan B.

    Excellent. Arrived quickly, well packaged and excellent quality. Very happy

  216. P B.

    Terrific product

  217. Eugene G.

    This is my 2nd order because i’m so impressed with the first which is nearly used-up.

    Using this 1st at 70% dilution has eliminated frequent swellings, muscle & joint pains.
    Thanks Dr S J.

    I’m preparing to embark on an MMS adventure in which DMSO may be playing a support role.

    Tell you all about it on my next order . . . Maybe. But of course I will !


  218. Lisa D.

    The 70% DMSO gel has helped to greatly reduce my chronic neck pain. With the first application, my neck felt hot and a little bit itchy (which I’ve read is a normal experience) but since then it has been a dream. Easy to apply and quick to absorb, I feel almost immediate relief. It also softens my skin, which I have noticed on a very old, thickened / raised scar on my leg.

  219. Kiera S.

    Very pleased with both the dmso and msm and all the advice I received when I telephoned, thank you.

  220. James C.

    It’s great. It works. It has eased my sore IT Band problem no end. It does leave a tingle sensation after 5 mins but then when you wash it off that goes and you’re left with nice supple joints! I’d recommend it to anyone with a sports injury for sure.

  221. Stephanie H.

    Sadly using a tiny topical amount of DMSO caused such a pounding headache, and stiff neck I had to stop using it. I hoped at first it was due to de-toxifying but the symptoms were getting so severe i could bear it no longer.

  222. Eugene G.

    I am experiencing some of the benefits of DMSO especially after strenuous exercise. These that I clearly identify at present are the swelling and pain around the joints; especially Hips Knees and Ankles.

  223. Irene T.

    Brilliant – when I get a bad back I rub it in and it’s forgotten about it really is that quick. My brother and a friend are also impressed with it.

  224. LUDIER

    Depuis que j’utilise DMSO soit 15 jours, mon Ã:copyright:tat gÃ:copyright:nÃ:copyright:ral s’est considÃ:copyright:rablement amÃ:copyright:liorÃ:copyright:
    Je recommande ce produit au + haut niveau
    Il traite Ã:copyright:normÃ:copyright:ment de maux et de pathologies….
    Très peu de restrictions… Mais il est toujours prÃ:copyright:fÃ:copyright:rable de voir avec son naturopathe (…)
    Dommage qu’en France, la santÃ:copyright: ne soit toujours qu’une question de BUSINESS… Trop de lobbyes avec les gouvernants tels qu’ils soient (….)
    C’est très regrettable

  225. Lynne O.

    We have been very please with the sample
    delivery and accompanying product information sheet which has also acted as an invaluable guide on dilution concentrations during our earlier trials of this product. Many thanks.

  226. Eugene G.

    DMSO seems a gem! Have been spraying 70% mix on my thighs/lower legs alternately,
    once each day for some three weeks. All joints now seem relaxed with an increased range of movement. Following regular active sporting activities , the soreness and stiffness are no more. It also seems that my stamina has noticeably improved & I somehow feel more alert. Placing another DMSO order pretty soon – A must have item!
    I have not used any conventional medications or treatments now for decades.
    This is an excellent supplement that supports the immune system in doing its job.
    Eugene Gt
    75+1/3 yrs

  227. Vincent G.

    Ordered, arrived quickly as expected. very happy, top quality product.

  228. Samantha C.

    The product is an effective treatment, I have had a problem with my sacroiliac joint for quite some time, I am a regular exerciser and I think that time has taken its toll on my spine, and I have used this twice now and I can already feel a sense of less pain and stiffness there. So I am going to use on my husband now he has had a slightly arthritic lumbar region with a slipped disc. So I am praying this will help him too.

  229. Brendan H. (verified owner)

    Pure DMSO liquid proved to be an effective analgesic and I would recommend its use even though it caused some skin irritation which was difficult to relieve with scratching. The liquid is oily and difficult to apply – application of the DMSO gel is easier.

  230. Mike W.


  231. Pauline A.

    I’ve only just started taking DMSO. I have already noticed an improvement in my energy levels. The taste is quite bitter but I add stevia to it and that’s fine. There is one problem for me and that is the garlicky smell on my breath and from my body which my family have commented on. They say it’s quite strong.

  232. anna

    I am using DMSO together with CDS for a tooth abscess. The pain is gone and I am hoping to avoid a root canal.

  233. Eduardo D.


  234. John M.


  235. Miss m.

    Not sure as yet as it is difficult to give to the patient.

  236. DV_2017

    Excellent product. I purchased it to heal the nerves that run down the left leg (especially at the knee). I’m seeing improvement happening gradually. Thank you phhealth!

    – Deepa

  237. John M.

    Very good for pain relief

  238. Nadine C.

    excellent anti inflammatoire!

  239. John M.

    A very effective pain reliever

  240. Jenny R.

    A very effective product for my healing. I am using the 70% gel.

  241. Beryl U.

    VERY effective stuff…quite remarkable. I have used it before and am now using it to reduce appearance of thread veins on my legs.

  242. Mercia G.

    I’m satisfied

  243. Olufemi l.

    Great product. Does more than reduce pain; helps in other ways too.

  244. Mary M.

    I bought DMSO to treat my dog who was diagnosed with a substantial tumour behind his eye, ( using Dr Morton’s book, my vet mixed it with hematoxylen).Whilst we still don’t know for sure what’s happening, early days and he’s great, my vet was amazed to find that the ‘thick ear’ that he’d drained at the same time as administering the first DMSO injection, never filled up again. He said you would normally expect to drain it 3 or possibly 4 times and would still perhaps have to use surgery at the end. Coincidence? Who knows. All I would say is that there are no side effects, it’s natural, and worth a try. Also want to add that ph health were great, very helpful and patient with my numerous questions.many thanks.

  245. Andrew Z.

    great service with great results

  246. Ksenia C.

    Very happy with the product and fast delivery 🙂

  247. Elisa b.

    DMSO is very good! I used it to my operated foot, 30% in water and the recuperation is fantastic!
    Thanks and Good New Year!
    Elisa Larsen de Buus

  248. Andrey V.

    I have just received the parcel from you. Moringa is of top quality, the same about DMSO. No dout that I will be your permanent buyer.

  249. Bonnevie B.

    je n’ai pas pu l’acheter puisque vous êtes en rupture de stock de DMSO

  250. Joanna R.

    my son Jacob has autism and severe bowel problems,the dmso is the only thing that helps control the pain,thanyou so very much.

  251. Olufemi l.

    Great product! Even greater service! Arrived promptly. Many thanks.

  252. Charlie R.

    I’ve recently heard about the miraculous health benefits of DMSO so I have just started using it to treat any muscle injuries that occur during weight training. I’d recommend anyone to research the extensive list of benefits for themselves on internet reviews but I have been very pleased with the items I purchased from pH Health. They had a great range of concentrations to ensure you get the suitable percentage. They were quick to deliver my items AND they were well packaged too. Time will tell how effective the substance is BUT I’m so impressed with the price and service, that I will definitely use pH Health again for repeat orders. Highly recommended!

  253. Viktorija K.

    I get it on time with any problem.
    Quality it’s on top and I’ll buy it more for sure.

    Thank You.
    Viktorija B. Krapes

  254. Richard S.

    Very good quality DMSO, unfortunately the plastic lid leaks a bit each time I use it.

  255. Hugh A.

    Did not make any significant difference at 60% concentration

  256. Monica M.

    it is very good.i always used it for my anthritis.

  257. Hugh A.

    The 60% gel did not seem to make any significant improvements to the arthritis in the hands and legs of myself or my wife.

  258. Daniel T.

    Good service. Received items on time.

  259. Colin

    Quick response to query, even faster action, quality product with quality service.

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    hi very pleased with the service and product , delivery very quick
    thank you regards eddie

  262. Abu O.

    Excellent services! I got it in a very short time and perfect condition.

  263. Mandy B. (verified owner)

    Excellent product and information and always delivered quickly.

  264. Samuel H.

    I haven’t got the chance to really assess the efficacy of DMSO yet but the product is as per description.

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  266. Gay V.

    I receive DMSO quickly. Thank you.

  267. Miguel b.

    Excellent product and I really recommend

  268. Michel D.

    I ‘m using DMSO for a too short time to tell if it works well…

  269. Simon R.

    Hi. I am really liking the DMSO thank you. I have read many good reports of your company & the proof is now manifesting. Thank you again. Simon

  270. Andrian P.

    Thank you i’m very pleased with the Product that i have purchased it was delivered very fast,in the near future defenetely i Will purchase products from you,thank you.

  271. Isse A.

    I bought the 25% dmso gel for cold sores as i have suffered from them for years and have used all the products you can name plus being to various doctors. i did found out that when i used the dmso my cold sore healed quicker than when used other products. i hope to see lasting results to get my coldsore under control which i obviously to early to say as this is first time i used it. world of advice make sure you clean and dry hands properly when using it, and only a small amount needed on the coldsore. hope to write another review in couple of months if i have my coldsore under control using dmso but iam satified so far

  272. Sean W.

    Delivered as promised. Seems to work as expected. We will need more in the coming months

  273. Mary L.

    Almost immediate relief from lower back pain with just one pea-size blob of this gel – wonderful!

  274. Fiona Z.

    Very good product – absolutely excellent service from the company

  275. Monica M.

    I found it very good. intend to buy more and introduce it to friends and family.

  276. David P.

    v,good wy dont they have it on the NHS

  277. Joanna R.

    I think dmso is the most wonderful product,my elbows and knee were miserably painful but after a month completely fine,My gp was shocked as he said I had tennis elbow.

  278. Mike F.

    Excellent quality product and fast delivery. Don’t buy anywhere else!

  279. Cristina G.

    Well packaged quality product with good information sheet.

  280. Mohamed B.

    DMSO gel helped my auntie with discomfort and pain in both her legs from knee downwards. She doesn’t have complete relief but on scale of 10 the discomfort is down to 3.
    She has had this condition for the last 10 years and only now has she found a product that helps. Thank you once again.

  281. Perry M.

    Very good product!

  282. Miguel b.

    Very good product

  283. Kane G.

    I found the product to be just what I wanted. very good thanks.

  284. Gordon M.


  285. Debra G.

    Really impressed so far. We bought DMSO liquid as we read it may be good for nasal polyps, my partner has only used it 3 times and already there is a big improvement! Have bought some gel now too!

  286. Anthony R.


  287. Judith

    Early days yet but a promising start.
    Could have done with more complete instructions for usage, wasted a lot of time online making sure i was using it safely.
    I look forward to great success with this product

  288. Christopher H.

    I was pleased with ph health. I bought DMSO which was of good quality and the service is excellent. A reliable firm. Christopher Hedley, Medical Herbalist

  289. Crispin

    Really handy little bottle of DMSO in gel form so it is easy to apply. Penetrates skin and dries relatively quickly. Great stuff!

  290. Radka H.

    Great product.

  291. Paul W.

    Early days yet,
    It seems to soak in very quickly and my hands are dry in a very short time.
    It’s to early to know if it’s going to help or not.

  292. Daniel T.

    Quick delivery. I wrote down the wrong address and PH Health just sent it to the correct address, no extra charge for delivery. Good service.

  293. Mario F.

    thank you!!!! all perfect… spedizione rapida, tutto bene. Grazie

  294. Francoise D.

    Nous sommes très contents du DMSO, mais il nous en reste encore….
    Je vous Ã:copyright:crirai dès que j’en aurai besoin,
    Merci à vous, belle journÃ:copyright:e,
    Françoise Dogna

  295. John B.

    Great product

  296. Pierlo S.


  297. John R.

    hi Medimsuh,

    too soon to write a fulll review , but so far we are very satisfied with DMSO. it helps relieve night cough brought on by esophageal diverticulitis and inflamation of fingers associated with arthritis. regards. john rickard

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