#1 Pharmaceutical – Grade DMSO

Pharmaceutical-Grade DMSO: A Chemical Compound For All Reasons


Owing to its widespread utilities, the Pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest and fastest-growing sectors in the world. The current transition into a sedentary lifestyle has pushed us into a global scale pandemic of obesity, diabetes, cancer, dementia, depression and other chronic diseases.

The increased pace of life has resulted in a modern lifestyle which has a high associated risk due to a series of unhealthy activities such as lack of physical activity, high intake of sugar, fat, salt, alcohol and tobacco and exposure to a toxic mixture of pollutants and little to no attention towards physical well-being.

Although the words ‘medicine’ and ‘drug’ are used interchangeably in our country, their histories indicate distinct differences. Up until the mid-19th century, people mostly had an empirical approach to the usage of drugs in therapeutics. Only during the end of the 19th century, which marked the booming pharmaceutical industry and its wide acceptance, led to the synthesis of the first man-made drug. Several natural and man-made drugs have made their way into the mainstream, bringing a revolutionary change in the treatment of illnesses.

Drug treatment is one of the most reached therapeutic interventions within which pharmaceutical-grade DMSO has secured a prime spot for itself. Its power and versatility facilitate chemical communication within the billions of cells and organ systems interconnected within the human body.

Like any other drug, pharmaceutical-grade DMSO also holds the potential to cause both harm and bring welfare upon administration. So, please read this guide to understand the application areas and scope and how to strike the right balance between its benefits and risks. The widespread areas of application are :


The Treatment of Atherosclerosis with grade DMSO

It is a disease where the arteries are blocked, putting the blood flow at risk. It results from the build-up of fats, cholesterol and other substances in and on the artery walls, which can eventually rupture arteries by forming a clot. While accessing management techniques, a laboratory test investigated DMSO’s effect on the rabbits’ cholesterol-induced atherosclerosis.

After three months, an autopsy revealed that aortic lesions were observed in the thoracic aorta surface area of the rabbits who were put on an atherogenic diet with 1% cholesterol but no touch of DMSO. However, in the case of the other group of rabbits, the growth of lesions was inhibited as they regularly consumed a certain level of pharmaceutical-grade DMSO daily in their food. This provides a useful probe for investigating the underlying mechanism of pharmaceutical-grade DMSO, which can help manage and reduce the risk of this serious heart condition for human beings.


The Management of Scleroderma

Scleroderma is one of the most fatal rheumatologic diseases, which affects the skin, connective tissue and internal organs. It happens when malfunctioning of the body’s immune system instigates the excess production of protein collagen in the body, which results in chronic tightening and hardening of the skin and connective tissue. It is mostly

seen in women aged 22-55. Although there is no established cure, treatment with pharmaceutical-grade DMSO can help. Topically applying a 60% concentration of DMSO is verified to improve the condition as reported by the patients.

As a well-known inflammation-reducing agent, it helps speed up the blood flow in the skin and reduces the swelling, giving out a soothing effect. Prolonged studies indicate that when the above-mentioned dosage was religiously applied for over one month, the skin drastically loosened, there was increased elasticity, and blood flow to the affected region improved, which is a long list of positive attributes.


Keeping all the above-mentioned reasons in mind, the use of pharmaceutical DMSO is recommended for multi-purpose healing. This simple yet effective treatment is the key to improving the well-being of the human population.



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