Astonishing medical-grade DMSO


Clinical trials have held great relevance since the beginning of time.

They are a key research tool that guides professionals and research experts to gather further knowledge about a discovery (cure to disease) that has recently made its way into the current operation and can aid in improving the well-being of humanity.

Beyond this, its application extends to numerous other aspects, such as new ways to detect a disease, identify the nature of a clinical condition, and slow down the progress of the disease.

There are certain shortcomings when it comes to laboratory experimentation in deriving concrete information. Clinical studies have emerged as a credible solution that helps researchers gain in-depth knowledge for embracing changes.

Like the other drugs, Dimethyl Sulfoxide has a similar history. Let’s closely examine the classic clinical studies that are pivotal to understanding its relevance for pain control and treatment.


Management of CRPS 1 for Medical-grade DMSO

Many studies have highlighted the pain-treating ability of Dimethyl Sulfoxide.

However, the selected few proved most helpful by mentioning repeated positive reviews about the properties of this unique industrial solvent. Several controlled studies have mapped its management ability for one of the most painful diseases, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type-1(CRPS1).

This clinical syndrome represents a broad spectrum of notable pain originating from an unknown cause and follows a dynamic course.

It has a distinct characteristic where the pain is disproportionate to the initial injury or tracked event taken into consideration.

It showcases symptoms of a sudden spike in pain level, which fluctuates with activity, changes in skin texture, colour and temperature, abnormal sweating and a restricted range of motion.


1997 clinical trials of Medical-grade DMSO therapy

Amongst the several treatments recommended, Medical-grade DMSO had ‘optimum support’ promoting its use for pain relief.

The clinical study establishing this fact considered reviews of 26 patients. Some of these patients were administered a 50% aqueous solution of this compound regularly for three weeks with a four-times dosage per day.

The other half were assigned a regional intravenous sympathetic block. After a period, the first group showcased significant improvement in daily activity and reduced exposure to pain.


2002 Systematic review of CRPS-1 treatment

In this double-blinded, placebo-controlled randomized study, a group of 32 subjects were taken in.

Amongst them, the first group was administered a 50% concentration of dimethyl sulfoxide, and the other group was administered a placebo cream in addition to regular physical therapy.

After two months, both groups showed improved well-being and reduction of symptoms. However, the score was significantly greater in the case of the first group.


2003 controlled studies on Dimethyl Sulfoxide use 

This trial considered 146 subjects who received standard analgesics and physical therapy.

They were divided into two groups, one segment of which applied a 50% concentration of dimethyl sulfoxide cream in the affected area 5 times a day.

Additionally, they also have one placebo tablet three times regularly.

The second group took a placebo cream five times daily while taking a 600 mg N-acetylcysteine tablet (known for treating CPRS-1) thrice after meals.

Evaluation over specific periods across various criteria indicated that the First group administered with Medical-grade DMSO cream showcased a greater reduction in pain and other symptoms than their peers.

Clinical studies are reliable when it comes to detecting possible side effects of a new treatment and the degree of risk they hold for human lives.

It is the ultimate medium to measure the potential effectiveness of a new clinical discovery. It points out the areas which can be improved to have the best version for human use.


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