5 lesser-known Industrial Grade DMSO


In today’s world people and industries are voluntarily transitioning into a journey of simple as well as sustainable living. A major component of it comprises recognizing what is important and the power of multipurpose products.


One such diverse product which is a blessing for humankind is DMSO.

This unique by‐product of the wood industry is one product that can perform multiple functions ranging from being used in the pharmaceutical industry to serving in several other domains. This low cost, high stability, and low toxicity by- product eliminates the need for additional products and thus has been recognized as the “all-in-one solution”.


Industrial Grade DMSO is a technical grade chemical compound, suitable for addition to common industrial formulations (such as solvent cleaning applications and paint stripping). This nontoxic polar solvent plays a crucial role in the manufacture and development of polymers, including polyacrylonitrile (PAN) and polyethersulfone (PES)


Let’s identify it’s different industrial uses where it can replace commonly used toxic substances to emerge as a better alternative :


  • Used as a Semiconducting device:


It is a commonly used product in large-scale photoresist shedding construction. Additionally, it is used as a preservative in the post-synthesis cleaning or washing agents as well as a rinse diluent in its unpolluted form. It is an ideal alternative for the wire bond which is used during the closing process of wafer production. To aid the process Industrial Grade DMSO is mixed with ethanolamine.


It is an exemplary solvent for diverse natural elements, compounds, and polymers, which simultaneously lowers the unwanted effects of alcohol on elements and leaves a precise effect on metals and ceramics amalgamation. Its wide-ranging utilities make it an attractive manufacturing element for industrial processing.


  • Polymer Applications


 Industrial Grade DMSO:

is used as a mixing agent for the polymerization of acrylonitrile and other vinyl monomers. Copolymerization reactions of acrylonitrile with other vinyl monomers are also run in dimethyl sulfoxide. It is used to increase the permeability of polymers to surfaces. Additionally, as a processing solvent, it facilitates the pitching of polymeric membranes and wet‐spinning synthetic fibres.


  • Paint stripping


Paint strippers are infamous for being hazardous to human health because of their ill effects on the brain. Heart and lungs. This is the result of the toxic chemicals which are used for manufacturing them, namely- methanol, ethanol, acetone etc. Hence, it is always advised to take the necessary precautions by using gloves and face shields to avoid contact, proper use of nose masks to eliminate inhalation of toxic elements which may consequently cause skin diseases, organ pollution and breathing issues.


To tackle this issue, Industrial Grade DMSO; 

has emerged as a nontoxic alternative replacing the hazardous solvents in paint stripping composition.

This safe and environmentally friendly formula has high absorbent properties which makes it an effective paint stripper. It is a highly practical product that is easy to use and irrespective of the kind of surface has a flawless effect.


  • Agrichemicals


It is recognized as a safe to use reaction solvent for Active Ingredient synthesis. Several agro-manufacturing industries are transitioning into its use as a base product in the manufacturing for delivery of the active.


  • Cryoprotectant

Cryoprotectants are specialized solutions that contain additives that help cells survive the stresses of freezing and thawing during medical practices such as organ transplant or implantation. Industrial Grade DMSO is the current gold standard for cell cryopreservation.

Specific Molecular interaction gives this chemical compound the requisite cell preservation properties by avoiding the formation of crystals during the freezing process. The solutions of Water and DMSO interact strongly resulting in far lower freezing points than the pure constituents. This has unique results on the structure and function of the cell membrane producing pores at sufficient concentrations and inhibits electrolytic in the preserving solution.

Dimethyl Sulfoxide is becoming increasingly

Industrial Grade DMSO, is also used in some supplements markets, we urge buyers to beware of good quality DMSO that’s is made with human consumption in mind and manufactures in a secure, controlled environment. Dr Jacobs labs is a wold renowned DMSO and made to the highest standard.