5 Amazing Health Benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps mushrooms are quite something. If they’re not on your radar yet, they should be. These fascinating fungi have some incredibly powerful health benefits that can improve your life. If you have health improvement on your mind, there’s no better time to introduce cordyceps into your supplement routine.

Cordyceps mushrooms recently made it into the international press in 1993 after runners from China broke an incredible two world records – by a long shot. It was big news when the runners announced that cordyceps mushrooms were the secret to their success.

These mushrooms aren’t new in Asia; they grow at high altitudes in locations like the Himalayas. They’ve been revered for their medicinal uses in Tibetan and Chinese medicine since the fifteenth century. The news has now spread to the West, where adults over 35 use cordyceps to combat time’s effects.

What are cordyceps mushrooms?

The official name for these mushrooms is Cordyceps sinensis. Interestingly, they’re commonly known as the caterpillar fungus. This is because the fungus is actually parasitic and needs the humble caterpillar to thrive; when the spores land on a caterpillar of certain species of moth, they penetrate its body. The caterpillar can’t withstand such an invasion, so it buries itself in the soil to die.


When summer comes around, the cordyceps mushrooms pop up through the caterpillar’s head. The mushrooms continue to grow throughout the body, consuming most of it. They emerge from the soil on wiry orange stalks.


What healing benefits can cordyceps offer?

Traditional East Asian healers have used cordyceps mushrooms as a tonic for centuries. They know well that the fungus can improve appetite and energy, helping you kiss goodbye to fatigue; they can greatly boost exercise performance by increasing stamina and endurance… and they also benefit sleep cycles and libido.

Today’s scientists confirm these claims. They have found that cordyceps can stabilize blood sugar levels and strengthen the heart and immune system. They are even considered an effective treatment for cancer patients. It’s actually extracts of the mushroom (from the thin white filaments) that are cultivated for the best results.

As you might expect, cordyceps are now in demand. They can be cultured from a natural spore in a controlled environment. After this, the active ingredient, cordycepin, increases. This makes the cultivated mushrooms more effective.


Let’s take a look at the amazing health benefits of cordyceps:

Cordyceps mushrooms protect the heart, kidneys and liver

Cordyceps can correct arrhythmias (heart rhythm irregularities) and prevent kidney and liver metabolic damage. In laboratory experiments, cordyceps have been successful as a post-heart transplant treatment, preventing the body from rejecting the new organ. They’re a promising replacement for the standard medical treatments that can cause complications in other organs.

The Chinese use cordyceps as a treatment for diseases of the kidneys, such as renal dysfunction and failure, chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis and nephritic syndrome. As with heart transplants, these mushrooms can be a kidney transplant aid; they prevent infection or rejection of the new organ by increasing the production of red blood cells.

Cordyceps mushrooms can stabilize blood sugar.

Studies have concluded that cordyceps assist blood sugar level management, making them a great aid for diabetics. The mushrooms increase insulin sensitivity and lower the insulin response to an immoderate carbohydrate intake. They can establish this balance in just over two weeks.

Clinical observations of adjunctive treatment with twenty diabetic patients showed positive cordyceps results. After daily treatments, 95 per cent of the group showed improvements. The improvements included glucose tolerance, lower blood sugar profiles, the slowing of diabetes-related weight loss, and a reduction in thirst.

Cordyceps improve sports performance and minimise fatigue

It is thought that cordyceps improve exercise performance thanks to their adenosine content. They can also boost ATP production (the main source of cellular energy). The ATP promotes physical endurance, and as cordyceps lower the heart rate, it is possible to extend periods of exercise.

Two studies by Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise and the Rippen Lifestyle Institute both showed interesting results when testing cordyceps mushrooms on athletes. Within six weeks, thirty male athletes showed a 10% increase in aerobic activity.

Similar positive results occurred for a group of inactive adults aged between 40 and 70. Over twelve weeks, the group was tested for aerobic capacity, metabolism and endurance. Those using cordyceps had lower blood pressure (3.1%), and an increased V02 peak (5.5%), which meant higher levels of oxygen in the body.

Cordyceps mushrooms are anti-ageing and immune-boosting

Cordyceps have various immune-boosting effects. They raise the number of white blood cells available to prevent infections; they increase macrophages, which are the cells that detect and destroy pathogenic matter and dead cells.

Cordyceps also increase NK cells and ‘T helper cells, assist lymphocyte activity and quickly activate a response to injury or infection. Furthermore, they can raise the levels of natural antioxidants present in the body, boosting free-radical management. Antioxidant promotion is a major player in keeping the body young, making cordyceps a great anti-ageing aid.

Cordyceps mushrooms fight cancer cells.

Studies have concluded that cordyceps promotes the reduction and prevention of cancer tumours of various types. They have shown good results with melanomas, prostate cancers, lymphomas, and breast cancers. They have also brought good results with liver and colorectal cancers.

Cordyceps are toxic to cancer cells without damaging the healthy cells around them. Studies are underway before the efficacy can be fully confirmed, but results have been promising.

Cordyceps help with many chronic conditions, but it should be noted that they’re not suitable for those with autoimmune disorders. This is because of the white blood cell production they promote. They can also thin the blood somewhat, so those on blood-thinning medication should consult their doctor before use.

With so many positive effects, it’s no wonder that people worldwide are using cordyceps as a health aid. Medimush cultivated cordyceps is a potent supplement you can add to your supplement routine for amazing health benefits. So what are you waiting for? Contact MediMush to get yours now and check out our white-label line.

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