Why Lymphatic Detox Can Boost Your Health Immeasurably

It’s little wonder that our bodies get so overloaded in an age where there are so many toxic chemicals in our foods, household cleaning products and skincare products. If only these were the only avenues for toxicity; we also have environmental pollution to contend with. Even our body’s usual cellular activity produces chemical waste to dispose of. In total, we’re looking at around eighty-two thousand kinds of toxins. It’s no wonder we require lymphatic detox from time to time!

Still, our bodies are amazing. They are incomprehensibly complex machines that work all day long to keep themselves clean and healthy so that we can live long and vital lives. Detoxification is a big part of this process and it happens all day, every day. The trouble is that we give our bodies so much work to do and for many, it doesn’t seem like the body ever manages sufficient detoxification.

What happens when the body gets overwhelmed by toxins?

The body’s detoxification system is large. It consists of the kidneys and liver, the lungs, the intestines, the blood, skin and the lymphatic system. The main goal the body has is to expel these toxins safely, without overloading the whole being; you’ll know this has happened when you experience a Herxheimer reaction (otherwise known as a ‘healing crisis). You’ll feel sick, and perhaps that you are manifesting or fighting off an illness. However, the body is simply overwhelmed with the amount of toxin it has to process out.

The way that our bodies handle this detoxification is to meet the incoming toxins with a supply of water and fat, which is then encapsulated and distributed to different places in the body. We can help the body by following a detox program or implementing healthier ways of eating (MediMush are happy to advise on this!), taking supplements that provide support and exchanging chemical household and skincare products for chemical-free ones. Caffeine, alcohol and smoking are obvious challenges to the body, so minimising or eliminating these habits is important.

With a bit of assistance, your body can much more effectively remove the fat and water containing toxins and flush them right out of your body. At this stage, you will see a marked difference in your energy levels and overall health.

What does the lymphatic system do?

This can be a bit of a mystery to a lot of people. We know we have a lymphatic system and we probably know what its function is too. Whether we’ve grasped the importance of it or not, the fact remains that it is a crucial part of the body’s long-term health.

Lymph (the fluid that carries the waste matter out of the cells and around and out of the body) runs alongside the bloodstream, helping to regulate your immune system. If your lymphatic drainage is not working correctly, the body’s ‘rubbish’ will literally get backed up and the system will be unable to eliminate it effectively. Although it may not be immediately apparent that this is happening, it can be quietly but seriously impacting your immune system; you may notice that you come down with ailments more frequently or have low energy levels.

All poor health starts in the gut

This commonly heard phrase is one of the truest adages, which is why MediMush are always saying it! It applies to healthy waste elimination via the lymphatic system too; this is because detoxification actually begins within the digestive system, in the small intestine. Intestinal villi are responsible for grabbing the fat-soluble toxins and other nutrients from the wall of the intestine, but this cannot happen effectively when a body is constipated, or if too much mucus is present. The latter covers the villi and renders both the lymph and white blood cells less effective. At this point, immunity is impaired and the detoxification process insufficient.

The lymph vessels located beneath the skin support not only our immune system but our circulation and waste drainage. If you’ve ever noticed your skin looking and feeling tired and dull, this could well be because of a sluggish lymphatic system.

It is also common that lymph glands can become blocked, at which point you may notice discomfort and swelling in some of the areas in which they are located; you’ll likely notice this in the neck, groin, armpits, and behind the knees. The connective tissues can also back up with waste, resulting in edema, and sometimes pain and swelling.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a kind of gentle skin massage that encourages blocked lymph fluids to move away from swollen tissues, effectively draining them. It helps the lymph to flow more quickly, resulting in new connections between the lymph vessels.

This effective therapy strengthens the immune system and is great for those who wish to clears congestion in various areas of the body, from acne and headaches to chronic sinusitis and bronchitis. It provides relief from lymphedema and fluid retention present in pregnant or menstruating women.

While rapidly speeding up all kinds of healing processes from chronic conditions like arthritis to traumas, surgery and scarring. It also promotes relaxation, better sleep and stress reduction.


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