Dmso: One Product, Multiple Applications

Dmso: One Product, Multiple Applications

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Dr Jacob’s DMSO which was originally considered a mere by-product of wood has exceeded our expectations in every possible way. It has broadened its horizon in terms of versatility and utility in everyday life.

So, naming it as the ‘miracle drug’ is unquestionable. Now that we have raved so much about it, let’s take a look at the long list of importance which Dr Jacob’s DMSO has across various fields :

Treating Interstitial Cystitis in Bladder

Interstitial Cystitis is also known as bladder pain syndrome is a chronic bladder health condition that causes a feeling of pressure and untraceable pain in the bladder area extending to the pelvic region. This is accompanied by evident urinary tract symptoms which persist for more than 6 weeks without any underlying causes. Although in some patients the symptoms may occur periodically, others may be the victim of severe cases that result in a long-lasting impact on their quality of life.

Unfortunately, the disease has no established cure except for effective symptomatic management. Dr Jacob’s DMSO as a liquid medication has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as a safe treatment for the above-mentioned condition. In bladder instillation, 60% concentration solution of DMSO is passed into the bladder through a temporary thin, flexible tube and is held in place for approximately 20

minutes. This weekly treatment continues for a period of six to eight weeks. Along with the above-mentioned solution other drugs such as local analgesics are combined to reduce possible inflammation and internal pain. This mixture acts as a spasmolytic agent that suppresses muscle spasms in the bladder and limits collagen production which are risk factors responsible for the development of Interstitial Cystitis.


A recently developed approach for bladder instillation suggests formulating a mixture of 50% concentration of Dr Jacob’s DMSO and other medicinal drugs such as hydrocortisone, lidocaine, marcaine, sodium bicarbonate, and either pentosan or heparin. A quantity of 45 ml of the mixture widely known as ‘bladder cocktail’ should be passed through a catheter and repeated weekly for 3 months to treat symptoms of chronic inflammatory bladder disease.


Management of Amyloidosis

Amyloidosis is a rare condition that results from the build of an abnormal protein called amyloid that is produced in the bone marrow. Under unnatural conditions, it deposits in tissues and organs which interferes with the normal functioning of the human body. This particular has several classifications depending on the type of protein, organ affected and visible symptom which determines the effective treatment method.

Patients with secondary amyloidosis (called serum amyloidosis) have reported significant improvement in symptoms after being administered with Dr Jacob’s DMSO. A noticeable decrease in inflammatory activity results as the amyloid composition is broken down and dissolved by DMSO. An unequivocal improvement of renal function is observed after

treatment with recommended oral administration of 1g of the chemical and purified water every day for 3-6 months.


Association with shingles recovery

Famously known as herpes zoster, this is an infectious disease that is commonly seen in children and adolescents which causes painful skin rashes all across the body. This leads to localised itching, burning sensation and blisters near the torso region which can last up to one month causing immense discomfort.


To tackle this, most experts recommend the topical application of a mixture of 40% idoxuridine dissolved in DMSO until skin healing effects are visible. Research indicates a combination of 90% concentration of Dr Jacob’s DMSO with 10% vitamin -E also soothes the skin when applied at the intervals of 8 hours to 12 hours daily.


It won’t be any way wrong to say that Dr Jacob’s DMSO is a universal healer. This has turned into a go-to recommendation by most health professionals for treating most conditions that commonly arise in everyday life.


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