4 Easy Ways to get Enough Bioavailable Vitamin C

Vitamin CVitamin C doesn’t need much introduction.

We all know it’s good for us, but how many can honestly say we’re getting enough? We might seem to be surviving fine without it, but you’ll know the difference if you are up to your intake.

As we don’t naturally produce vitamin C in our bodies, we have to make sure that we are consuming enough of it each day. When we feel a bit stressed, our body uses 600mg immediately. If you don’t have a balanced diet and aren’t regularly topping up with vitamin C, you can see how this might lead to problems. Having enough vitamin C will benefit your body by reversing the aging process, detoxing you, destroying free radicals, boosting collagen, and healing disease. It’s probably the most famous vitamin for a very good reason…

The RDAs (Recommended Dietary Allowance) shown below aren’t too helpful either; they’re very conservative, to say the least. The body can handle (and use) much more vitamin C. In a toxic environment with generally poor diets, we need much more than this – the RDA will not do too well at managing any current conditions, not even the common cold. Less than two medium-sized oranges would equal the RDA for an adult male, but this isn’t do much for his health.

There are many ways to get your vitamin C, but not all are equal. Some forms are not bioavailable (meaning your body can’t absorb or properly use them). Here we take a look at some of the most popular and the most effective.

Intravenous Vitamin C

This powerful method of administering Vitamin C to the body was highly effective and has even been attributed to the destruction of cancer cells in the body, as the work of Dr. Linus Pauling demonstrates. Some might speculate that this is the reason it has now been banned in the UK. This is despite the fact that this vitamin is very, very low in toxicity; there is no scientific evidence at all that large quantities cause adverse reactions; the worst that can happen when a large amount than the body is used to (when orally ingested) is a bit of diarrhoea. An upper level of 2g per day is recommended in order to prevent this but the body will develop tolerance over time.

The ban doesn’t mean the intravenous version is impossible to find, of course; if you’re suffering from a chronic condition, travelling to a doctor who is prepared to administer intravenous vitamin C could save your life. If you can’t find this but just want to get a powerful vitamin C hit guaranteed to be utilised by your body, you can go for lypo-spheric vitamin C.

Lypo-spheric Vitamin C

This cutting-edge supplement uses Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET), which is a method of pushing vitamin C into liposomes (microscopic bubbles 300 to 400 nanometres in diameter). This makes for a highly effective transportation system that totally bypasses the stomach acid and digestion processes, delivering the encapsulated vitamin C into your bloodstream. This is what makes it superior to other orally-ingested forms of vitamin C.

Lypo-spheric vitamin C is so small it can deliver intracellularly (directly into the cells) and destroying any pathogens, germs or bacteria, as well as fungus, cancer, heavy metals and other toxins. Once inside the cells, oxidation can occur, neutralizing any disease present and preventing more from settling in. The vitamin C-filled ‘smart’ liposomes make their way to the liver where the magic starts to happen.

Lypo-spheric vitamin C is up to 800 times more effective than conventional oral type, and 1g is actually equivalent to 10g administered intravenously – pretty powerful stuff! Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C contains 1,000mg per serving, offering you a much higher (and therefore more beneficial) dose than the measly RDA, and because it bypasses your digestion process, you’ll get all of that benefit. This method is therefore the most effective way to take vitamin C available.

Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid is synthetically produced and of varying quality; it comes in white powder form and is a popular way of supplementing this crucial vitamin. However, studies have concluded that only 20% of the Vitamin C is absorbed when this powder is ingested orally, making this a relatively ineffective supplement despite its popularity. It is better to consume ascorbic acid via intravenous or lypo-spheric methods if it is to be properly utilised by the body.

Whole foods

Clean, bioavailable food sources will always be a preferential way to attain vitamins, but unfortunately, not all food sources are as vitamin-packed as they once were, due to modern agricultural practices destroying the quality of the soil and depleting it of nutrients. A simple orange a day is not enough to nourish your body with this essential vitamin; even an organic, locally-grown orange contains no more than 68mg of vitamin C.

If you want to get an adequate intake, look to peppers, guavas, dark green leafy veg, broccoli, kiwi fruits, berries, tomatoes, peas, papayas and of course citrus fruits. Make sure they’re organic and grown as locally as possible.

Superfoods are a great idea too – camu camu contains a great deal of the health-boosting vitamins, as does acai and goji berries. Superfoods are a potent method of achieving full nutrition, so check out what they can do for all your all-round health. There are too many to mention here, but it is easy to obtain all kinds of superfood powders from around the world and make them into delicious smoothies each morning.

MedMush will be happy to talk to you about your dietary needs. We’ve got a great range of products to ensure your all-round health, all year round. If you’re healthy, we’re happy!


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